BenTrem tweeted on 2011-05-26

  • Anyone here an RF geek? I've got an idea for #emergency cell phone service. #Innovation #Hardware #EMS #HamRadio #
  • Dear #VAN – If you're gonna play that way … ok.fine … but FFS don't you dare start getting penalties!!! luvzya –ben #
  • #VAN struck by lighting … Kesler pulls up lame and then lame D play tips in tying goal. Zounds. #
  • #VAN – I was gonna complain. What, 20 shots on goal in the game? 4 in the first 15 minutes of the 3rd? I was gonna complain. heh *h000a!* #
  • #VAN – Shots On Goal … FFS. 3 to 1 in OT. #
  • #VAN – My bad … Shots on goal not 3 to 1 in OT … shots on goal 4 to 1 in OT. FFS FFS FFS #
  • #Wikileaks – If you were ever interested I'd tell you about my 35yrs as an activist. But I'll say this: Assange is everything wrong. #
  • #VAN – Had just thought, "OMG if the finals are like this we're all gonna have heart-attacks" … yaaaaaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeaaaaah! #
  • #NHL – Congrats to #SJ Great series y'all. #VAN #
  • @ChrisSaad Chris, I've been carrying my "participatory deliberation" concept for 35yrs. An actionable project. Heidegger's _techne_ holds. in reply to ChrisSaad #
  • @CoachChic – Remember when the Bruins beat the Habs I said I hoped they went the distance? Well … hope to see you in the finals, but ;-) #
  • @SPiver – _Yo quiero te representarle_ @lori_deschene … see < *Heads up, yogini at work!* #
  • I'm afraid my peers are childish and do not understand that an anvil needs a hammer. Friends work like upper and lower teeth to grind fine. #
  • Benjamin Netanyahu's speech wouldn't have resounded so clearly without Obama's clearly stated position. C'mon folk, grab a f'n brain here. #
  • Evidence of sentience on planet Earth: Charlie Rose 24MAY2011 #Israel #Palestine #Obama #
  • @CoachChic Tied with 12secs left in the game. Weird bounce in 2nd OT for the win. Gotta luv this freakin' game! *beam* cheers in reply to CoachChic #
  • @CoachChic BTW You get to see Don Cherry in intermissions down there? Tonight he used a graphics tool I imagined yrs ago, for football. in reply to CoachChic #
  • #Global – What I advocated *OMG!* 30+ yrs ago was that the negotiation process /itself/ can have more benefits than the goal per se. #
  • @JohnFMoore Parler-vous francais? It's my first language but I now speak / write very poorly. It's dandy for int'l news! It and Spanish. in reply to JohnFMoore #

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