BenTrem tweeted on 2011-05-17

  • @support – Seriously? A guy who's into MLM for energy drinks has 85K Followers?! something not right here … #
  • #YEG – Slave Lake being evacuated. Seems that wildfire has gotten right into town. #
  • #NewToMe – 'a gathering place'; an English/Arabic digital town square cc: @ACarvin #
  • #YEG #SlaveLakeFire – Town hall and mall on fire; library burned down, hospital threatened. Looks like wildfire is right into town proper. #
  • BTW: climate change means warmer winter in Rockies. Which means bud worm crossed to the east. Which means more dead trees / more big fires. #
  • Want an insight into contemporary society? Get a list of Tweeters with large followings and have a look. What a load of tripe! Truly: gack. #
  • @jianghomeshi – Jian, your "livestock specialist" did a good job of talking /around/ the problems. Obviously a lobbyist. *FAIL* #
  • For decades Uncle Sam _et al_ made an industry of assassinating/torturing democratic activists. Oh, you didn't know. And your parents either #
  • @spiver It ain't tantric but "Morphine is our friend!" was my motto. *G* p.s. don't forget to breath from your diaghram. cc: @ryderjaphy: in reply to spiver #
  • I'm all over "purifying klesa w/klesa" &tc but, sorry, those who indulge then judge harshly … that's teaching arrogance as #dharma #borg #
  • @mathewi The thing to do when you get screwed by A-list is to STFU? Hmmmm … bet your parents are my cohort. #borg #matrix cc: @dangillmor in reply to mathewi #
  • @umairh Discrediting the emancipation project is every good psychopath's primary goal. If that type can be thought of as having a goal. in reply to umairh #
  • @umairh Take 2: you're suggesting we shit-can Kant, Spinoza, Rousseau, Hume, Locke _et al_ and start from scratch? Really: you've been had. in reply to umairh #
  • What I know as an infantryman: slackers and suck-holes want to be gloriously heroic but show no interest in good old fashion spade work. #

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