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  • You know your preferences are Pavlovian. You know you've been conditioned to #AttentionEconomy How can you act like that's ok?! #matrix #
  • I'd never do heroin or opium. I figure they might be too attractive. That's how I feel about the success you lust for. #BrainDamage #
  • #NHL – Can #DET hang on for 7:30? #
  • Dear #DET – Grab a brain. #
  • Basically: most successful people garner success by positioning themselves for 80/20 … they get 80% of the credit for someone else's work. #
  • Looks like Cat may not make it through the night. Just toooo weak. #
  • "Theft of valor" is how you live your lives: pretending to be what you aren't, to be just like the winners who are likewise false. #borg #
  • @support – You're real popular. You're winners. Right? So what's this f'n "Internal Server" crap?! #
  • I wonder, since you're so addled / seduced by personality politics: how many of you could even serve as honest members of a jury? #matrix #
  • @Tooq Never gets easier. Spoze it's part of staying human. cheers in reply to Tooq #
  • @Tooq "Payment gateway"; something you're developing? In DreamHost's May newletter they told us about CafeCommerce. < in reply to Tooq #
  • A new metaphor! Why concentrate on "participatory deliberation"? Well *d'uhh* fuck-nuts, how does LASER work? Concentrated energy. #crackers #
  • While you were sucking up to one another: "Neo-Nazi Father Is Killed; Son, 10, Steeped in Beliefs, Is Accused" > < #
  • Know what makes you fascist? That you prefer buddy-buddy argument rather than rationality. You and your buddies would execute Socrates. #
  • "Special Report on Renewable Energy Sources and Climate Change Mitigation " > < (IPCC) #GCC #
  • I know folk who are compromised / sold out are prone to panic, but OMG how naive and feckless can you be and still claim deniability?! #
  • Are you actually brain damaged? I think not. So you can understand: either you struggle against oppression (i.e. fascism) or you support it. #
  • Simply: your tactic, like your parents, is to monopolize prosperity. Congratulations. Your tactic is the most popular. Welcome to your world #
  • Q: do you have clue 1? Kissinger put Zhia into power in Pakistan. Kissinger put Pinochet into power in Chile. USofA and democracy?! Pffffft #
  • The worst abuses of power in USA foreign policy? That's what you ASPIRE to. Forgive me, but you're simply insane. Now, time for a joke?! #
  • That your life is an accident, a lie … yes that devalues mine. Because you must resent my autonomy. I learned that when I was 12. *D'uhh!* #
  • Don't you get it?! You diss me because you have to kiss fascist ass and you can't do both. That's why I do what I do as I do it. F'n Duh! #
  • Want brutal? How's this: your tweets show "social media" to be a farce. Ignore me. Set me aside. Look at your conscious life. I rest my case #
  • @nytimesworld The Mapuche have been turned into drunks. This is merely the inevitable next step. Keep on being the paper of record. in reply to nytimesworld #
  • I don't mind that you're wrong. I resent that you're so fecklessly self-indulgent. #
  • @AttentionEconomy is the game you play (Yes, for money.) to distract folk from #RealPolitik So, really, heart-felt Go To Hell is called for #
  • Crackers strut and celebrate the murder of my heroes. You? My God … you traffic culture like bobbles, with your #AttentionEconomy #borg #
  • @allisonhornery "LinkedIn European MD to mentor Tech City" … hermetic, ehh whot? in reply to allisonhornery #
  • Afghani peasants and bourgeois yuppies fear power and struggle for what they think they need. Gee … with whom do I feel solidarity? #
  • The difference is simple: you pretend to be clehvur (Kiss ass much?) and end up backing fascists. (Look it up, asshole.) You're cheats. #
  • I've often fought bullies. And lost, often. You? You're the murk in the air that sucks the will to live out of good folk. A pox, veritably. #
  • You like assassins. Their smooth denials turns you on. You admire cheats who prosper, and smile, and escape justice. You do. It's your game. #
  • Chevron's "We Agree" campaign? Nazi Germany pumped millions of dollars into local economies too. Train workers, brick layers for ovens … #
  • @allisonhornery I wrote "hermetic". I'm sure you know what that word means. in reply to allisonhornery #
  • Court rebukes V.A. for "unchecked incompetence". But it's Martians who run V.A., right? Not yuppies and yuppies' kidz … some other folk… #
  • @JoeGermuska Probably a lot easier to define in the negative: who isn't it? in reply to JoeGermuska #

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