BenTrem tweeted on 2011-05-04

  • #NHL -Minutes ago: Dear #BOS … don'do that, k? Not with #PHI … no no no. Now: Dear #BOS TY … keep it up, yes? 5 to 3, can do? #
  • @digitalzendo heehee :-) But see I'm usually in "Cease from ceasing" mode. So presentation matters lots. BTW Dogen Zenji was my main man. in reply to digitalzendo #
  • #NHL – Dear #BOS … decent game. Now put them away, k? (Beat my Habs? Then go the distance!!!) #
  • #NHL – 2 seconds left and Briere with an open net … blocked. *wh00f!* C'mon #BOS you know how to get this done. #
  • New Yorker authors on death of #BinLaden > < (multiple articles) #
  • #BOS looks gassed in OT. Panic => scramble => exhaustion. #
  • #nutrition – In the mood for a little snack? Pound some veggies through your juicer; I'm a convert! #
  • @tbains BTW did some JinShinShiutsu on Cat. Severely pack bowel. Into vet for enema; overnight for another tomorrow. All looks good. :-) in reply to tbains #
  • #NHL How many posts this OT? #
  • 2 items: 1) love the way #BOS dug deep to put it away; 2) first time in 6yrs I haven't had Cat's company. I miss my Cat. Bigtime. #
  • @tbains What I didn't say y'day: I've had lousy luck w/sick moggies. Dawg? *shrug* Dawg seems to shrug it off. Cats seem fragile. cheers! in reply to tbains #
  • @FederalElection – OMG! Shouts to Ed Broadbent … this has been along time coming. NDP 103 / LIB 32! #
  • @kirkschmidt May's leading in BC ayep. in reply to kirkschmidt #
  • #USA – Imagine: somewhere some guy is saying to himself, "I tapped Osama bin Laden". Historic. #
  • @NationalTimesAU Hi – Read @NicholasGruen's article. Bug report: s /!/NationalTimesAU (404) => #
  • @davidfrum I wanna see Homer Simpson's reaction to that! p.s. you going to write on election? Ignatieff's gonna write a book, oh yes he will in reply to davidfrum #
  • @LindaDuncan4MP Update please!! *blink* in reply to LindaDuncan4MP #
  • How I know tech is stilRPTstill doomed in this society: day of the election and my MP hasn't updated Twitter. Good grief. #
  • @NaomiAKlein Polarization, Naomi. Linda Duncan will (hope hope!) win here in Strathcona, but AB is solid Tory country. in reply to NaomiAKlein #
  • BTW: there are still a ton of folk in SE states who need help with basics. #tornado #
  • @digitalzendo Mmmmm … how did you RT this? I just checked, and nope, never wrote this. in reply to digitalzendo #
  • @digitalzendo And likewise. gasho KC: in reply to digitalzendo #
  • "Manufacturing minister to launch ideas network in Melbourne" > < cc: @ChrisLaBossiere #
  • @ChrisLaBossiere I'm a fan of dialetic, so appreciate clarity of discourse but don't think polarization is good for body politic. in reply to ChrisLaBossiere #
  • @GarrettCobarr "Curation" has been hobby horse for decades. Variously: aggregate, array, present, index. Core to project. #discoverability in reply to GarrettCobarr #
  • @Allie Claiming /not/ to have insitutional knowledge? Did you typo? Not a claim anyone I know would make! ("Then what else didn't you know?" in reply to Allie #
  • #Osama – "Resisting" … if a murderer known to be armed and dangerous makes a sudden move after SWAT comes in, he's dead. 2+2=4 #

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