BenTrem tweeted on 2011-04-15

  • @TheOatmeal at #SXSW (a week ago) > < "How to Hold an Audience for an Hour" h/t @NewMediaJim (HeyYa old fella!) #
  • #NHL – Couldn't get into PHX|DET, though I follow the Wings. Maybe cuz I couldn't think of "Coyotes"? (1-1) But Rangers|Washington, yaa. #
  • #NHL TSN sez Crosby's no longer a scratch. p.s. seen the PBS doc on injuries in football? Harsh data frequent/regular non-concussion hits! #
  • @newmediajim Ah and there it is: to write, or to read? (To act or to photograph? saw doco on WH Pete Souza last night. Hey, you know Karsh?) in reply to newmediajim #
  • #NHL – 1-0 14:00 in the 3rd … NYR|WSH is gonna be a good one! #
  • @newmediajim I'm amazed he could keep it up for an hour! Impressed even! (I stalled at slide 34 … 14 minutes. Of 57, yikes!) in reply to newmediajim #
  • #NHL – Puck went in; ref didn't see it, so blew the whistle because he had lost sight. Under review. I think they'll allow. 1-1 at 6:15 ? #
  • #NHL #WSH #NYR – Yep. #
  • @NHL – Washington 2-1 with a minute something left in over-time. Gorgeous goal. #

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