BenTrem tweeted on 2011-04-08

  • #YEG – For years I've been pushing a method for making public policy decisions. Nobody cares. Well … $700M for arena … flip a coin? #
  • #USBudget – Dishonest thinking, is all. Class warfare by other names. #
  • The only thing I really wonder: if the American people will go the distance and accept the Chinese Communist model for Global Gulag. #borg #
  • @yourdon I haven't used any, but WordPress has all sorts of plugins for photos … carousels and all. Ever thought of going that way? in reply to yourdon #
  • Q: why would GOP care about job numbers? No, really. So long as they can maintain plausible deniability, why would they care? #
  • @SparkingInsight Thinking about this the other day, it occurred to me that they've melded the best of Mao with the best of Stalin. Nasty. in reply to SparkingInsight #
  • "The Problem Of “Open"" by John Biggs > < ( via @dtapscott #
  • @ChrisLaBossiere What I've been waiting to see: "Founders Now Take the Money and Maintain Control" > < ( #
  • Etiology of design – I just came up with this: "All facts are equal, but some facts are more equal than others." heh #KM cc: @andrewchilts #
  • @Twitter @support – "In reply to" is being deprecated. How is that not regression? #
  • My results at #PersonalityPoker > < cc: @dankeldsen #

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