BenTrem tweeted on 2011-04-01

  • #YEG – I must have become a fan. When the Oilers aren't doing well, I kinda lose interest in NHL. #
  • "On #Libya and the Unfolding Crises"; Noam #Chomsky interviewed > < ( #
  • @umairh _Post hoc ergo propter hoc_ is sufficient to requirement since we have come to live in an "attention economy" … woe is us. cheers in reply to umairh #
  • Why do I bother? Easy: because the culture you lust for denies, negates, and contradicts the best wisdom we've tried to secure. #yuppies #
  • #Libya – I was a young man when I read "Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism". You have to give your heads a shake. This isn't just a fight #
  • "Lester Brown's message has always been clear". Yes, and I tried to introduce him to social media in 1990. F'n yuppies squash me then cry. #
  • F'n yuppies. F'n yuppies …. f'n yuppies … the bane of my existence. A pox on A-list sophistry, and a pox on those who suck up. #borg #
  • I just turned off PBS because Lester Brown is on. Lester Brown and David Suzuki … great minds and /awful/ people. Like A-list on Twitter. #
  • And yes I mean it: Napoleonic egos … go ahead, pump up "attention economy", poor foolish cretins that you are. #InducedPowerlessness #
  • Thinking of Grande Cache and grizzly country. Why would I bother go through that? You don't read. You don't think. You don't pay attention. #
  • @Hashable_Beta "Welcome"? I don't follow you, and I don't care to. You are entirely false. (@dtapscott Follows you. I think that's funny.) #
  • @dtapscott – FWIW I just reported @Hashable_Beta for SPAM on Twitter. Friends of yours? #
  • @KundaliniYoga I will quibble "normal". Recall that it was the sophists who had Socrates' trial become life/death. And they won. Timeless! in reply to KundaliniYoga #
  • @KundaliniYoga "Escorts"? I think I would write "consort", but can't be sure of your meaning. In any case: 107,999 lives to go! ;p in reply to KundaliniYoga #
  • heh … Buzz Aldrin on TV driving a Suzuki on a closed track. Too funny. #
  • I was 9 when I realized you could use a gyroscope to steer a rocket. Oh gee, I wasn't the first. Well d'uhh, twat, that's hardly the point. #
  • Know what's pained me over these 5 years on Twitter? You're all so painfully humourless. (No, of course not /all/. Just 95%. F'n *d'uhh*!) #
  • @baldaufji Mmmmm … points for creativity. But, when sterile, that's a yuppie virtue. Sophistry. Cant. I'm not big on points for clehvur. in reply to baldaufji #
  • @baldaufji Anyhow the essence of yuppieness is a passive-aggressive/deniable cynicism … a lack of spine, of basic integrity. Basic. in reply to baldaufji #
  • Anybody watched "Top Gear" on TV? These kids have production values /aced/. Hope they get a Twitter account. #
  • @_karmadorje Such a painfully humorless response. I take it your motive was to mock? Change your nick … pretentious, don't you think? in reply to _karmadorje #
  • @baldaufji Well heh 1st I'd suggest that "how to channel" is a vy yuppie take on the problem. ;) I mean seeing others as natural resource. in reply to baldaufji #
  • @_karmadorje p.s. People use @ for replies. Quote marks are also excellent. To reply in a ReTw … you been drinking? in reply to _karmadorje #
  • #YEG #Esks – "Ten-year CFL veteran Andre Talbot announced his retirement today." > < ( #

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