BenTrem tweeted on 2011-03-30

  • The liars who manage Scientology surprise me not at all. But when I see the vibrant yuppie-types who people Sea Org … Global Gulag, truly. #
  • @KundaliniYoga Namaste! Oh, I'm from the crazy wisdom tradition … mastering the wacko un-tamed mind is the point. *snort/chortle* cheers in reply to KundaliniYoga #
  • @KundaliniYoga Looking back at my tweet, my point: to not show anger but to act it out, that's merely fraud. No wisdom there; sophistry. {*} in reply to KundaliniYoga #
  • #Libya – Tripoli will have to collapse from within. People will have to take hold of the chain, whatever part is close to them, as they can. #
  • #dharma – Went back to reread one of my crazy hard books on abhidharma and was reminded how it lacks the wooliness of light&love delusion. #
  • Snakes on a Plane … gotta follow up with cobra on the subway … just gotta. #
  • @KISSmetrics Hear hear! But that distinction requires that first folk grok data / information … only after that knowledge / wisdom. in reply to KISSmetrics #

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