BenTrem tweeted on 2011-03-11

  • @chrisj_moore Smart Cities, indeed great! 1st and only. But, alas, that means this is the only city in which I can't press my proposal. #sad in reply to chrisj_moore #
  • @ToughLoveforX By "pretext" I mean justification / rationalization. Psychopaths con and manipulate, their sociopaths intimidate and bully. in reply to ToughLoveforX #
  • I describe "innovation" in terms of A-list wrestling to control for their interests. When it happens, folk don't really want to see it. #
  • @ToughLoveforX Have you heard of "rank theory" in soc-psych? It's reductionist, but covers the ground. IMNSHO psychopaths pull the strings. in reply to ToughLoveforX #

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