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  • Ft McMurray community leaders starting a new planning process. Do we have IT to help them? 0_o #YEG #
  • "Premature coupling"; sound familiar? Prolly not. 1 of many ways I identified by which A-list types hijack brainstorming sessions. #Gov2 0 #
  • #FecklessNaivete – "The people who have succeeded as bloggers and pundits have the common good as their highest priority." #Gov2 0 #borg #
  • heh … robot programmed for Rubik's cube solves it in 38 seconds. schweet #
  • #DVDs – Is there a collection of #Shakespeare Betcha "Best Ever" would sell nicely. #
  • @ChrisLaBossiere The Party just got mention on CBC radio newscast. "Upstart", are you?! :-) cheers #
  • @wordsofpower Most of my cohort opted for "change from within" decades ago. Now, with successful careers … *sigh* in reply to wordsofpower #
  • Mubarak to the people of #Egypt – "I will give you more of the same shit, but in September I will put it into a different pile." *FAIL* #
  • @jerichotech Something like synchronicity: pondering #Egypt I had asked myself the same question, but with a) competence and b) integrity. in reply to jerichotech #
  • This is clever: "Social Media Monitoring and Analysis Made Easy; Track Twitter & FB in a spreadsheet" > < #
  • "Gold Rush" Dewd on morphine withdrawal: "My legs gave out; I'm gonna need a hand". 1 guy takes, yes, his hand and 2 others chirp "You ok?" #
  • The only time you really see who folk are is when you're DOING SOMETHING. You were wooley-headed before WWW; now, with all this … #deadly #
  • @ChrisLaBossiere Yupperz. Something like evidence that someone's paying attention. in reply to ChrisLaBossiere #
  • Criminals freed from prisons. But I bet police made sure Mubarak's enemies and political dissidents are still being held! #RuleOfLaw #Egypt #
  • I liked a YouTube video — Tai Chi Push Hands Explanation & Demonstration #
  • Un-freaking real: St Nicholas is the patron saint of hookers. Ho Ho Ho! #
  • Someone just cited me in their blog. With a long quote. Reminded me how thoroughly you've cold-shouldered me all the years. Feckless prats. #
  • @timberners_lee Say, did you ever have a chat with Doug Engelbart? Call him! Lovely conversational old fellow. best –ben in reply to timberners_lee #
  • @rachelsterne Folk like Mubarak censor TV. Individuals practice selective attention while positioned as gate-keepers. _Mutatis mutandis_ in reply to rachelsterne #
  • @ShambhalaPubs E-Ma! Wow … crazy wisdom on the ascendant? (thanks to @LamaSuryaDas for ReTweet!) in reply to LamaSuryaDas #
  • Recallilng early net activism I remind you of this: certain apparently brilliant activists are acting with state support. Yes infiltrators. #
  • #Egypt – Mubarak's goons are starting to make their move. Thugs will become increasingly active. Let's see what the troops do. #
  • #Egypt – The real fabric of corruption is showing itself: Mubarak's thugs have rolled out. #
  • "#Mubarak supporters attack protesters in Cairo's Tahrir Square" > < ( #Egypt #
  • A young man: "I am Egyptian. I love Mubarak. I don't love ElBaradei. ElBaradei is American. He is not Egyptian." The face of insanity. #
  • Simply: any old thug can be an effective reactionary. But to militate for positive change? That still relies on A-list. The way it is. #borg #
  • What's "protension"? Simply: not so easy to memorize a heap of unrelated items. But a story? C/w details? No bid deal. It hangs together. #
  • "There are four important steps that must be taken to resolve the current crisis [in #Egypt " > < #
  • Frontline in Cairo: @Gsquare86 #
  • #Yemen – Head of ruling party says he won't appoint his son as successor, nor extend his own tenure. Woa, progress even in Yemen?! Zounds! #
  • Have a look at this OpEd from NYTimes: "Egypt's Next Steps" > <
    Fine stuff. But how does (cont) #
  • Punditry is fine, but sometimes it;s a question of /tactic/. That's praxis; that's techne. Here's what I took on in '76: #
  • Social dynamics – The worse Mubarak's thugs make things, the harder it will be on pro-democracy demonstrators. Sometimes life just sucks. #
  • CTV News Channel – Live coverage of pitched battle in #Cairo #
  • From the street in #Cairo "The people attacking us are not pro-Mubarak. They are thugs trying to disrupt us." Nice point. #
  • #Strataconf visualization – What we were doing with VRML, but easier. I.e. after a full /decade/ we have the same bobbles. *sigh* #
  • Metaphor: the earliest days of printing press gave rise to fancy fonts and fancy bindings. But it took /40 years/ for page numbers. No shit. #
  • Pundits ultimate priority: to maintain primacy, place, position, prestige. "Getting things done" doesn't factor into it at all. #matrix #
  • "First Liar Wins" > < ( My point: #DecisionMaking /can/ be enabled! #
  • Pitched battle in #Cairo has calmed. #
  • Army saved RDI (French CBC TV) cameraman from thugs. #
  • "No progress until violence ends" says #Egypt #039;s Vice-President Omar Suleiman. So Mubarak's thugs can de-rail the process. #
  • #Egypt – Minister of Information saying thugs have been bought and paid for?! This could show cracks in the regime. #
  • #Egypt is hotting up. RDI cameraman needed to be rescued by army. CNN's Anderson Cooper crew hit and kicked. Mubarak's values on show! #
  • @andersoncooper Tips for staying awake: 1) less coffee than you want 2) granola bars and bananas. *shrug* It's kinda primal. stay well in reply to andersoncooper #
  • "New pictures: Anderson and crew attacked in Egypt" > < via @AC360 #
  • Mubarak thugs are targeting cameras / news teams. #Egypt #
  • My guess? Unless the army actually steps in to secure the situation (Rule of Law) Mubarak's thugs will fill the streets with corpses. #Egypt #

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