BenTrem tweeted on 2011-01-31

  • #Egypt – Groups of community marshals should coordinate with troops in the field to secure hospitals, food supplies, and museums. #
  • #Egypt #Vigilantes – The more community / army cooperation on the streets, the better things will go short/medium term. #
  • #culture Watching "Alpha Dog"; this depiction of American culture amok is really, really chilling. Painfully insane. #YuppiesKidz #
  • #Egypt – This is when everything you know about dishonesty becomes important; every crook wants his piece. #
  • What I figured out when I was 8: I threaten your deniability, so you "nice" people need me to fail. Personality politics; attention economy. #
  • I'll call this "Uncle Sam logic": to stop those who will do anything for what they want, US will do anything. Mere insanity. #psychopath #
  • Want a mind-blower? Your mundane petty larcenies amount to nothing. But you support bullies and villains to maintain your deniability. #doom #
  • One day doing shikantaza I realized I should be very skeptical of anything that tended to secure my personal fiction. #Zen #dharma #
  • #Egypt – CNN reports coordinating meetings between community groups and Army … can't over-state how positive that is. Cops can't freak. #
  • The #Egyptian army will, at some point, draw a line. Who antagonizes them before that will set the stage. #
  • #Kagyu – Someone's stirring things up against HHK: <> < #

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