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  • Enthrall someone with music, or Web2 blog, or meditation? Gawd, I'm not nearly stupid enough to do that. Trick: give up power over others. #
  • A-list pundits, the effect they have … I've never thought of it this way before: it's narcotic. It dumbs down / levels / trivializes. #
  • How bad are successful coders? View your YouTube favorites. Sort by /when you faved them/. Oh … no no no, not allowed. /Dumb/ #
  • Funny? Paying attention to #Gov2 0 pundits leaves me glazed-eyed/depressed. Hard core tech_docs? To me: sentient life off the port quarter! #
  • If someone close to you is shooting your friend, slap the gun. Pushing your friend down is notRPTnot a survival strategy. #
  • @bmn 6+ yrs spinning my wheels … that's what /I/ call frustrating. meh/sigh in reply to bmn #
  • @ZenLifePhoto – I never thought tweeting miksang would get me a Follower! cheers p.s. you use FB, but not Flickr? That's kinda spooky. #
  • @ChrisLaBossiere *sigh* Say, a low percentage Q but it might lead to something: I was NS when Lois Hole had her chair; whadya think of her? in reply to ChrisLaBossiere #
  • Oh-wooops … someone just reFollowed me and I lost her email notice. #MMO An "Sh" name? dang! #
  • @j_smedley Hi / thanks for reFollow. You know WWIIOnline? I was just reading "The new grid: Sexy and short." > < cheers in reply to j_smedley #
  • @ChrisLaBossiere Reason I ask: my grande plan included "Lois Hole Center for Civics" or equiv. One can dream! :-) in reply to ChrisLaBossiere #
  • #Firefox – So Twitter's forcing me to use the new interface. Which renders really poorly on FF2. But … I want to stay with 2! bla-yada FU #
  • @kady The game is fixed: requiring intermediates means that a whole flock of mediocre technocrats keep their positions. Anti-innovation. in reply to kady #
  • I can understand that /most/ technocrats want nothing other than skate along w/status quo. But where do I find folk who truly want to GTD?! #
  • @developerworks Nice article. Stumble sux. Here's the true URL: < in reply to developerworks #
  • @RevDannyFisher huh huh … R has a "uniform", and some of us drove to Hali airport just to say "Thanks" on his stop over. :-) in reply to RevDannyFisher #
  • @cybercourt /me thinks "tort" and shudders. in reply to cybercourt #
  • @USlegalquestion /me thinks "tort" and shudders. in reply to USlegalquestion #
  • "Leveraging Constraints for Creativity" > < via @innovate (without StumbleUpon cruft) #
  • Reality TV really shows US culture. "What? Mushroom lamb? I can't even read the fucking shit on this menu! Lamb of goat?!" #AttentionEconomy #
  • #Gov2 0 since you get paid to go on and on and on and on my techniques for synthesising fm existing work actually threatens you, doesn't it. #
  • Here's the thing: I trained myself so I could do, for example, documentation for R&D that would meet MIL-SPEC reqs. /You/ value /schmooze/. #
  • Bourgeie / yuppie tactic is essentially the same as bullies, just adding deniability: the point is to be so offensive that others leave. #
  • "X and Y, also Z, so therefore M and N." "X is over-stated. Y has no entailment. Z is just false. So if M and N, not for those reasons." Duh #
  • It comes down to brass tacks: at the top of my game what I was doing was part of our over-throwing Allende's (cont) #
  • @DavidMTaylor TD2, TD3, and heh Twhirl still on my desktop. But that's not the point: we're being /told/ which UI and browser to use. in reply to DavidMTaylor #
  • @chrisj_moore re: City Council #DiscourseDecisionSupport might #E RuleMaking have more traction? > < cc: @JohnFMoore in reply to chrisj_moore #
  • Recall Enterprise explosion? Top dogs were told, "Take off engineers' hat; put on managers' hat." That's how #Gov2 0 fails: max $$$. Period. #
  • @ChrisLaBossiere BTW I worked w/Hansard: so, given archives (see CBC Radio!) how to empower? #index #array cc: @JohnFMoore @chrisj_moore in reply to ChrisLaBossiere #
  • CNTelecom asks me into his office. "We need someone to bail out NORAC/SAC comms." Head of CBC Radio says to me, "Hansard needs a hand." #
  • 90%+ of kids don't get even 1hr of exercise per day. *shrug* I put my life on hold to raise my kids in the country. You? $$$ $$$ $$$ #
  • When I think of a typical bourgie couple in their $300K house it makes me want to spit. #
  • "I had the good fortune of being born into a priviledged position, I'm totally mediocre, not all that lazy; I deserve to live like royalty!" #
  • @bradfordcross "Data journalism"?! Kinda sounds like _rapporteur_. Someone's gonna do a write up? cc: @znmeb @marshallk #
  • #Design – If you made an interface for, say, a search engine you'd likely do something like google's. So they spent 20 minutes? Course not. #
  • After ?what? let's say 5yrs of "social media": have you noticed that folk are better informed and thinking more clearly? Shirley you jest. #

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