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  • I hate to say it #Ravens but that game was winnable. #
  • Will I be forgiven if I pull for Green Bay? #
  • @CoachChic … what doesn't kill you makes you strong? I mean wow, that's a helluva "cautionary tale". It's gotta sting. But: take away? in reply to CoachChic #
  • When I slip into a party sorta mood things go conventionally well. But when I drop the rose-colored glasses: how come folk are ok with nuts? #
  • @CoachChic BTW at one point this season the Esks found an amazing array of ways to lose in 4th quarter. (Wish I had been sports psychology.) in reply to CoachChic #
  • Here's the problem: when things go for shit I find myself sick to death with /everybody in the situation/. There aren't single causes. #
  • Hoooaaa Green Bay!! #
  • @CoachChic If I was good at that stuff huh huh diff life. I shouted out to #Ravens today: "Assignments! Play your game!" Trying too hard? in reply to CoachChic #
  • Hoooa Green Bay again! #
  • It worked: Cat hears me open the back door; he asks to go out. Alberta snow, Edmonton cold, /he/ wants to go for a walk. Ha! #
  • @CoachChic Well yuh know, w/respect, I think that's part of "trying to hard". Ground-pounder 101: when shit meets fan, rely on training. in reply to CoachChic #
  • @CoachChic Just minutes ago (I kid you not) was going over basic Zen. There is no playoff. There are no awards. There are plays, and assign in reply to CoachChic #
  • @CoachChic An old Tibetan who'd seen a lot of life: "Big projects demand profound relaxation." And heck if we can't trust an old Tibetan ;p in reply to CoachChic #
  • Ooooooh I dunno about that GB TD … was even the ball inside the pylon? #
  • @CoachChic p.s. documentary on PBS this aft: civil war. Grant got it wrong in terrible, terrible ways. But "victorious". Who knows?! :-) in reply to CoachChic #
  • @CoachChic haaha! Hope that's so! (More/less why moved to Cape Breton hills: give my kidz a country up-bringing, bruises and all.) cheers in reply to CoachChic #
  • @CoachChic Slightly related: Olympic TaiKwonDo gold IIRC is Afghani. And Mongolia has up/coming boxing team. *grin* in reply to CoachChic #
  • @CoachChic Did I ever tell you my theory on UN peacekeeing? Why we're so good: cuz we grew up understanding what to do in the corners. :-) in reply to CoachChic #
  • @CoachChic BTW back when I was in infantry (long ago; short while b4 comms) I thot practice w/street hockey would do wonders for squad work. in reply to CoachChic #
  • @JohnFMoore The history of AB politics bewilder the best minds in poli-sci and sociology. Odd place. Very young. Rich, but recently. in reply to JohnFMoore #
  • What we do is social. This means that when marketing works and something mediocre succeeds, a whole set of dynamics are re-set. #
  • @georgevhulme Ah … it's published, but you don`t point to a bibliography of any sort? No diss meant; just seems odd. in reply to georgevhulme #
  • @creativecoop "Appear blank"? "Issues reported"? You write as though it's a technical problem. No content isn't a technical problem. in reply to creativecoop #
  • @creativecoop *blink* How very strange. I see the same layout (nice use of panels, BTW) but now there's content. /me spiders again in reply to creativecoop #
  • @CoachChic I do believe it! What comes to mind just now (SeaHawks and Bears on TV!) is room clearing; prolly the tightest manoever. cheers! in reply to CoachChic #
  • Analysing our team play in MPOG we found that most played crazy. If we others support them, they would surprise & we'd score almost no pts. #
  • "You're wrong to think that other people are responsible for your life." Yaa, and you're insane to think that we live our lives as monads! #
  • @creativecoop Oh, no thanks entailed … it amounted to little more than random noise. (I don't usually mis-fire so completely … odd.) ^5 in reply to creativecoop #
  • @danielgullo Simpler: "make a plan; make it work" … from Air Traffic Control. Ulysses S. Grant is paradigmatic. Huge mistakes, but he won! in reply to danielgullo #
  • @danielgullo My theory has always been that if we're honest/true to ourselves then our catastrophic failures are meaningful. IFF … in reply to danielgullo #
  • @ButlerPress Did you click "Read More"? The link is to PhysicsWorld, about SuperB particle collider. *blink* in reply to ButlerPress #
  • @tillamooky Don't be pessimistic; childhood deceit is 1) normal boundary testing, 2) checking "other minds", and 3) very creative. good luck in reply to tillamooky #
  • @gideonro That set of commercials is actually very successful; it affirms and normalizes a certain world view. Sad, ain't it. #pathology in reply to gideonro #
  • #SeaHawks – … wow. #
  • @ChrisLaBossiere heehee … couldn't make up his mind about color scheme? ;) Is he some kinda spaniel? in reply to ChrisLaBossiere #
  • @ChrisLaBossiere "Griffon" rings a slight bell. French? Belgium? He looks like a great fella. /me loves dorky dogs in reply to ChrisLaBossiere #
  • @tillamooky Ohhhhh good. Hoped you weren't worried. Yaaa, kidz are all o'that! cheers p.s. tricky to out-smart / humble w/o humiliation. in reply to tillamooky #
  • @georgevhulme Yes yes, just so. Something like an archives is nice. HeyHo in reply to georgevhulme #
  • @CoachChic Thinking back to Gretzky's line … it was as though they were each working to give the others multiple options. Brilliant … in reply to CoachChic #
  • #SeaHawks – How to turn this around?! #
  • Wow … it's like the #SeaHawks are waiting for someone to show up. Gob-smacked … #

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