BenTrem tweeted on 2011-01-13

  • Bullies are avoided, or indulged, or placated. And the Loughners are mocked, or teased, or taunted … or ignored. Bullies win. We all lose. #
  • Yupp, I knew it had to come around and sure enough: spokesperson on TV saying that the best thing to do is increase number of guns at play. #
  • Pawlenty's "uncommon amount of fortitude" is a time-proven formula. Folk awash in their own shit lust for a strong leader. "I bring order!" #
  • So, at worst, talk of murder and torture and punishment has no effect? Then it follows talk of reconciliation and trust has no effect. #borg #
  • "The best lack all conviction" … as narcissistic materialists you're left flatulent while the raging right is motivated by punishment. #
  • I just flashed back to when I wasn't so bummed out. There's so much that can be done. So sad that folk are trite, glib, and superficial. #
  • "When we take up our arms [sic] we're taking up our vote." Popularism manifests "structuration": what you respond to in-forms the jingoist. #
  • Compare | contrast: Charlie Rose and guests > < VS Jon Stewart and "I have no f'ing idea." Feckless idiots. #
  • What I notice: get "nice" people angry enough, or drunk, and they'll speak their true thoughts. Problem: they profit by inauthenticity. #
  • @motownmutt I think of it in terms of high-school politics: the A-list practices contempt and cold-shoulder to hone their skills. #pathology in reply to motownmutt #
  • @ruv Whatever else she fakes, the stupidity is existential. Remember O'Donell. Hence under-current of a-rationality & anti-intellectualism. in reply to ruv #
  • @HuffPostPol But you see … and this isn't trivial … the aim is notRPTnot to derive a new logic: it's about (quasi-) plausible storyline. in reply to HuffPostPol #
  • You can't do NIGYSOB (oh read a fucking book!) against Jingoists. The dis-connect from empirical means that everything's grist for the mill. #
  • Guess what: aspiring to great wealth may allow you to die befor you're completely insane. That's the up-side. *sigh* #
  • Why do you indulge bullies? Easy: they provide you with a frequently updated set of plausible excuses, justification, and rationalisations. #

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