BenTrem tweeted on 2011-01-11

  • Wudda cudda shudda – Second time Eagles' kicker misses field goal. I know, can't do "what if" but … 11 pts instead of 4 … #
  • Ouch. 2 Eagles at least are gonna come away from this game hurting. Nice catch for 2pt conversion but nope … can't step out / back in. #
  • Anyone recall the #Navigators a #Pentacostal group? Moralism triggers my gag reflex, but they never did. I should re-vist their stuff. #
  • @RichBecker Quibble: "Most never do" leaves it sounding optional. My point: I don't think it's really possible. "Motive" is a construct. in reply to RichBecker #
  • Holy shiet Eagles get to GB 40 with 1:10 left! #
  • I do this because I want X. I want X because I want to get Y and avoid Z. "Causality" is 16th century. see Prigogine: < #
  • OMG there's the game … GB intercepts in the end zone. wow #
  • This just came to mind: since those "saved by faith" are "the elect" they /must/ see "rule of law" and all other liberal ideals as corrupt. #
  • @bikerbar Say, did I ever point you to the playlist I came up with for 75th Rangers in AA2? > < #
  • Redeem American culture? To start, 2 movies: "Inside Man" and "Pelican Brief". (No, not "Thelma and Louise!") > < #
  • Details. LIke Box 392 in "Inside Man". It's how "nice" people blow me off: they ignore details. Then blow delightfully colored smoke. #
  • All good to hear talk of "toxic" and "vitriol" but young folk, I gotta ask: what the fuck took you so long? (Say it: you've felt bullied.) #
  • Every day in everything you do you make the world just the way it is. Your actions select the winners. So: now what? Deny and blame? Again? #
  • You don't dare see what Palin is, so you exaggerate (or buy into it). You won't dare accept who Obama is, so you evade with fantasies. Woe. #
  • As if it's my role, I'll spell it out: You're afraid of sociopaths; that's the psychopaths pushing your buttons. Wise up, children. #matrix #
  • NewToMe: "This American Life" > < Now CBC Radio Sunday 11PM. (Just heard interview with Ira Glass.) #
  • @data4all Oh my, we should talk. Comms for first responders is long-lived interest with me. more soon! in reply to data4all #
  • @RichBecker Sorry, lost your thread. "to appreciate how easy it is" … how easy what is? in reply to RichBecker #
  • @data4all – The story of my life: you aren't following me (The kiss of death, that.) so I cannot DM. in reply to data4all #
  • @mujaku Truth? I avoided ivory tower til my 40s. Point: is its viper-ness unique? I don't think it is. Not even the worst. But yes … in reply to mujaku #
  • In school the "in" kids shunned me because I wouldn't suck up and the "nice" kids avoided me cuz I was so often in conflict with the in kids #
  • "The Case Against Today's Incendiary Political Rhetoric " > < ( #
  • Call me antique/scholastic, but I think Kan'ts principles for "perpetual peace" are a good place to start. (Ignorance as excuse for apathy?) #
  • Sometimes a wave of resentment rises up. Does that make me peculiar? I see it clearly when it does. Maybe that makes me peculiar? Dunno … #
  • Folk don't grok _techne_. If I say "standardization in manufacturing" (e.g. USA circa 1943) you think result. But it's a set of processes. #
  • #slogan – "We don't need another hero; we don't need to know the way home. All we want is life beyond the thunder-dome." Get real, folks. #
  • "A Portrait of a Disturbed Assailant" > < You benefit routinely from convenient simplification. And suffer rarely. #

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