BenTrem tweeted on 2010-12-30

  • "$5 gas? What?! Just because I'm a self-centered, greedy, manipulative hypocrit … why should I pay $5 for gas!" #Yuppies … scourge. #
  • Capitalism is so efficient that catastrophically malevolent greed in some instances get legislative scrutiny. *cough* TeaBaggers are /sick/. #
  • Enron, Goldman Sachs, BP … these were examples of 4 or 5 greedy guys, right? I mean #yuppies wouldn't just play along, would they? D'uhh! #
  • -5F and Cat asks to go outside. What a trooper! #
  • "Anti-terrorist communications upgrade" … the clehvur kidz have moved from 2001 to 2006? #

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