BenTrem tweeted on 2010-12-26

  • Reframing "revulsion w/samsara": isn't it just cutting the conventional entailments of "this is thus and so therefor"? #dharma #
  • On pragmatism: To win the world / lose your soul … Jesus was just being silly? Christian doctrine is just baseless? Oy vey! #
  • Best of the season to you all, and a very happy 2011. #
  • Retail spending: up 2%. Donations: down almost 20%. *sigh* #
  • "I am bringing you good news of great joy" … that life without self-serving contrivance is not so much harder, and a great deal better. #
  • Fact: an airliner crash-landed into the Hudson. What folk say? "A plane crashed into the Hudson." Part useless, part misleading. meh #
  • My point: wealth, you demand /even more/. Can't think your way out of a wet paper bag, but greedy as sin. And you want business as usual. YR #
  • @GaynorMeenan398 – Why I'll be banning you as SPAMmer > < #
  • Major diff crack-head / yuppie: the way you rationalize your response. #
  • @govwiki "Citizen engagement" … for 30+ yrs I've watched that concept get whittled down. No congratulations called for; co-optment. in reply to govwiki #
  • @robinbloor Loosely related: "The man is the head of the family. The woman is the neck, turning the head as she wishes." Bedouin wisdom. :) in reply to robinbloor #
  • @Woork Fave gift: someone responded thoughtfully to a FaceBook status … un-prompted, and un-anticipated. cheers in reply to Woork #
  • @steverubel My music this find this seaon (via car ad): "Janelle Monae" > < Enjoy! in reply to steverubel #
  • heh … luv the concept. But know what? (As a sound-man engineer) … the hum… (YouTube #
  • Pessimism/cynicism? Sure. How about dis-heartened. I can take a good tune and trax it into a symphony. Could. Why do? You're just junkies. #
  • "Cold War" > < Reach out? You risk frost-bite … f'n yuppies. Sycophants. #
  • @motownmutt The other day my elder brother yet.again sang the praises of NGOs. I did diff: I didn't try to enter into lucid discourse. in reply to motownmutt #
  • @motownmutt My X, Chilean, wrote her thesis on "professionalization" imposed by NGOs. Once was social fabric; now more pity than justice. in reply to motownmutt #
  • I've often enough found sources of happiness. I've bowed to them and then headed off, having them as oasis in a desert. You camp / monetize. #
  • @motownmutt My RainbowFamily analysis is that w/o solidarity/empathy everything is is fodder for ego trips. Zen 101. 25c pls. *grin* best 2U in reply to motownmutt #

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