BenTrem tweeted on 2010-12-24

  • /Very/ refreshing to hear someone (Linda McQuaig) using my sorta vernacular. "Jump, you fat-cat bastards. Jump!" heh #
  • #SocialJustice – Avg CEO has income 200 to 300 times that of workers. In US top 1% get 24% of income. (In Canada it's 14%.) Class warfare. #
  • @_karmadorje Method proven: on this cold but sunny day, old Cat took long, long walk. Fear of freezing has been abandoned! TD. in reply to _karmadorje #
  • "That snow outside is what global warming looks like" (George Monbiot; < via KateCrisp on FB. #
  • "Advancing Democracy and Social Justice in Canada: the Next 30 Years" > < Would you dare invest a few minutes? #
  • Intelligence community "overwhelmed by flow of information" … try to impliment a fix. I dare you. You'll encounter every sort of ill. #
  • My failure to thrive isn't due to finances. It's yuppies and yuppies' kidz playing corrupt personality games, is all, not quantum physics. #
  • "Hidalgo" … a bigger than life (true) story about a bigger than life horse and the cowboy who rode him in a bigger than life time. #
  • @_karmadorje Karma is universal, yes? :-) "Abandon fear of freezing" (which I know about; Alberta is "snow and ice") got me thinking tummo. in reply to _karmadorje #
  • Colin Powell got f*cked over by GOP. Will Dems get Patreus as SecState? #
  • #NewToMe – "Public Knowledge", a DC based PIRG > < #

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