BenTrem tweeted on 2010-12-04

  • There's one thing that really really puts me off FaceBook: spending time on FaceBook. (Want me to explain? Send me DM. And cheque for $125.) #
  • @Ogmin "Texts? Oh … but … I have this entire phenomenal world!" The laughing vajra, Milarepa. (Bonus: DPR punned naming me "Cho: Pal".) in reply to Ogmin #
  • ö #
  • Imagine a fraternity party (realistically). Fact is, everyone truly wants to be in there. So there you go: that's attention economy. Whores. #
  • No, children, tools can't make us better. Tools just make us more what we truly are. Sell-out wannabe? SEO and social media will make it so. #
  • @ZenDirtZenDust "X has been doing Y" … who precisely is X? No kidding, there are false teachers. Specious logic is seductive; beware. in reply to ZenDirtZenDust #
  • @ZenDirtZenDust "We engage with the Dharma as it fits into a culture." "Fits"?! As appropriate, perhaps. "marketing" So some say. /Some/. in reply to ZenDirtZenDust #
  • @ZenDirtZenDust In my wisdom tradition selling dharma is a root downfall. Go figure. No, really: go figure. in reply to ZenDirtZenDust #
  • @McPheeComedy *next* :-) in reply to McPheeComedy #

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