BenTrem tweeted on 2010-11-15

  • I think every good pilot should produce: "When you see rounds from your … (YouTube #
  • I think every good pilot should produce "Here's what I do when someone h… (YouTube #
  • If you're gonna do it might as well enjoy it! yuh big sillies

    /TGS (YouTube #

  • I'm missing something: kerndogs drops his scope and then *fast forward* the a… (YouTube #
  • Something lotta guys don't pay attention to: energy.
    If you're on the deck / … (YouTube #
  • @Sarah2349 No, you're wrong, it does. You lie. And cheat, too. I will certainly kick/block you. in reply to Sarah2349 #
  • "When someone says 'History' I want to reach for my gun." –Henry Ford. I feel that way about, "thx for sharing!". cc: @jianghomeshi #
  • #YEG – I just figured it out. (Slow, not stupid.) Not a single positive thing in Edmonton to respond to. (Oh spare me you patronizing BS!) #
  • @_karmadorje A simply way (I said simple … not easy!) to be authentically present is to mmmmm utter our best thought about X, Y, Z. in reply to _karmadorje #
  • In a #startup would it be legit for me to 1) draw salary while 2) buying equity? or fore-going part of salary for debt? #

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