BenTrem tweeted on 2010-11-01

  • #WorldSeries – Game 1 not a pitching duel? It might become just that down the stretch. #
  • #SFGiants – Buster's really sumthin': not just as catcher, but lovely discipline at bat. #
  • 1st #WorldSeries win for Texas Rangers? Uribe fighting it off. #SFGiants #
  • #CFL – Wait a minute. Penalty gave 1st down. Then he was sacked. How was that 3rd down? *blink* #
  • #Esks – It hasn't been an easy season … the guys have really hung in there. Win/lose/draw here on in, shouts! #
  • RT @fixfelicia: "if ignorance is bliss, then why is the tea party so angry?" – sign at #rally4sanity http://twitpic.co #
  • Listening to 2hr CBC radio documentary on US politics and I think, again, "Yes but you all want too much. So others get not enough!" *sigh* #
  • @digiphile Ok. But "good eye" stands. Curation, right? :-) BTW: < Gotta luv CBC radio! cheers in reply to digiphile #
  • #TeaBagger says, "I watch Glen Beck everday. And I watch Fox News, too, so I get both sides of the issues." *D'uhh!* #
  • So Glen Beck plays on emotions. Big contrast? No way; I talk about "brass tacks" and "hammer and tongs" and everyone just shrugs. #
  • On the right, atavistic ideology. And on the left *caff* plain old personality politics. Discourse on issues? Shirley you jest! #matrix #
  • @TeachMeGP Would be nice if "Intelligence" on lead to more info; kinda superficial. cheers in reply to TeachMeGP #
  • Wii commercial … adults behaving like 9yr olds. Tell me again that the Republic isn't doomed! #matrix #borg #
  • @markknoller I hope you're following @WestWingReport … they just tweeted that into #Ohio in reply to markknoller #
  • @jordanshodges Unrealistic ideology /must/ lead to selfishness, because it fails to recognize the full humanity of the other. 2+2=3 thinking in reply to jordanshodges #
  • Ways you pissa me off #7142 on the rare occasion you blog something more than 2 lines, you can't bother responding to comment? Superior? #
  • Why authoritarians are confident: you think animated bus stop sign to supplant phone app is great idea. Or Tweet from EEG. Uber-lame. #
  • @ericschmidt And with all of that (ignoring spreadsheet) we still over-look what discourse is /really/ about. Thrash is no substitute! in reply to ericschmidt #
  • Fact: Brazil's economic boom has benefited not only rich but poor as well; Lula is a leftie. Dems are as lame as GOP! #matrix #borg #
  • You have interests. You have values. But because you're too stunned to /think/ you're clueless. So TeaBaggers are ignorant & Dems are lame. #
  • @WestWingReport (No reFollow so can't reply by DM.) Did you notice you have email address in place of URL on profile? Would luv a page. ^5 #
  • RIP – RT @WestWingReport: "The man who wrote many of President Kennedy's most memorable lines had died. Ted Sorenson was 82." #
  • @noreaster Ning is paradigmatic of "autistic". good luck! in reply to noreaster #
  • Sure sure sure, be nice, be kind, be civil. But GOP are liars and cheats. "Cut the defecit" … where? But where?! They don't say. Cheats. #

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