BenTrem tweeted on 2010-10-23

  • #NLCS – Giants are kinda everyman … apart from Lincecum really no stars! (Oh goodie, Haladay walked 1st batter!) #
  • Oh goodie, 1st and 3rd nobody out first 2 batters! *wh000t!* #NLCS #
  • Ooooh, not what you want to see. Pitching coach visits Halladay with 3rd batter. #NLCS #
  • Are GOP economists really, really stupid? or are they really, really dishonest? Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac caused the collapse?! Bullshit. #
  • #NLCS – The story so far: Halladay struggled through 1; Lincecum perfect through 2. #
  • heh: at a dramatic peak in MI-5 there was a long pause after a question. I guessed the 1 word answer before he said it. Realism, yuh know. #
  • "Nearly half [of Americans surveryed] said that fossil fuels are the fossilized remains of dinosaurs" > < (HuffPo) #
  • The Republican Swindle About 'Obamacare and Stimulus'" > < (HuffPo) #
  • Yuppies complacent incompetence makes me crazy. You should all just die. Then we might have something like justice. #
  • How many yuppies have 2 or even 3 nice cars? How many yuppies have half-million dollar homes? Tell me again how the economy's bad. #matrix #
  • What I realized when I pondered the over-throw of Allende: my cohort was a) greedy and b) dishonest. Fascists are more honest than yuppies. #
  • "Aftershock: The next economy and America's future" > < Robert Reich on YouTube #
  • How insane are you? You'd lust for a new hot tub ("empty calories") while your city's water and sewage system is moving towards collapse. #
  • "Today we are announcing the end of" > < #

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