BenTrem tweeted on 2010-10-09

  • How out of touch are TeaBaggers? Easy to find out: check how they describe themselves, then compare the depiction to reality. Yaa, that. #
  • If conservative Democrats are the swing block … maybe there'll be a real debate on policy instead of TeaBag clap-trap. #
  • Recalling how I'm such a wuss; I took my fave cowboy boots off my smashed feet rather than have the fine things cut and almost cried. #
  • Jean Chretien just got bitch-slapped on CBC, a great line … with him "anything short of criminality was okay". That'll leave a mark! #
  • I liked a YouTube video — Marianas Trench – Celebrity Status #
  • My cohort missed the point about power / bullies; woe. But have faith: some kidz got it right! < #music "Good To You" #
  • @MTrenchLoyola MT bio at MMusic (#4) is worth passing along > < in reply to MTrenchLoyola #
  • @silverton A young coder (slightly drunk) confided his secret to success: minimize the user's role. *blink* Let's get it right, soon / ASAP! in reply to silverton #
  • "It's crazy when getting back to square one feels like victory." Jon Stewart on @thedailyshow 7OCT10 #
  • @silverton My thought was more like "One sudden poke in the ear-hole with this bic pen might do the trick." in reply to silverton #
  • @tanclo You joking? More like kids who've been weaned on the idea that anyone injured or weakened is in some way 2nd class / a fair target. in reply to tanclo #
  • @caseywright Not positive what you/he means by "input" but in case you mean controller, I'd contact manufacturers w/design idea. in reply to caseywright #
  • Zen in action? Forest bathing is where "No one power walks; walkers slow down and soak up the quiet beauty" > < #
  • Just for the sake of being a better Netizen, be aware of the "It Gets Better" project. > < It could matter. #
  • Another year of hosting and domains paid for … feels like some sorta tax. #
  • @AlbertaatNoon Not that I'm fan of mining in foothills but: if not this project, which? Sounds like a real class act to me. Any, ever? #YEG #
  • @theRSAorg – In N'n Alberta I grew up knowing why we raised cattle and cows but ate beef. Likewise swine / pigs / pork. :-) in reply to theRSAorg #
  • Maybe I'm loopy, and yes its double-edge, but having forensic quality track-back paper-trail for every decision would be a plus, no? #EIS #
  • "STFU" is so often appropriate with TeaBaggers … that's how they damage the body politic: their false quality devalues our stories. #
  • Neither my opinion nor yours is worth more than a clickbox. It's our subjective narratives, our stories as persons that make democracy tick. #
  • What's with kidz these days? "He took a flying leap from the 7 ft high platform to a fire fighter pole but didn't get a good grasp." Ah. I C #
  • Dear Pacifist – See the little girl walking to school? That Taliban in the shadows wants to splash her with acid. What would you have us do? #
  • "Worrying is like praying for the things you don't want." … Walin' Jennys in concert > < #zen #
  • I think we can lay claim to rationality in a way that trumps the upcoming tsunami of fascistic reaction. Can. Might. Could. May. *sigh* #

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