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  • @danielgullo – @danielgullo – Shun no-one. Condemn never. Judge well, and be skillfuly humble. Hubris drives us mad. cc: @ninjaharlot in reply to danielgullo #
  • Compare the popular MilSim games of today to those of yester-year. Then to reality. You look on as minds are poisoned. Lazy? or just jaded? #
  • "The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit" … one of the movies I've been ducking my entire (56yr) life. It's fabulous! Wonderful! Amazing! #movies #
  • @danielgullo I'm categorically dogmatic. *grin* I teach nobody rejection; transormation: sanity … honesty … confidence. Do not condemn. in reply to danielgullo #
  • @danielgullo Oh, the unicorns, yaa … thanks … I'd forgotten … I think I commented coupla years ago. in reply to danielgullo #
  • @Julian101 pls NB a) lack of ambiguity b) use of past tense: "I looked forward to whatever you linked to. I got a face full of price tags." in reply to Julian101 #
  • @benkepes "Amazing"? Well, that's not faint praise. But I'll be damned: you /still/ didn't reciprocate Follow. in reply to benkepes #
  • @olliesaunders /me reads "Thanks for the support." and ponders. Know what? To thank people, we can be authentic. Present. !boiler-plate in reply to olliesaunders #
  • Want to shake the world? Pull your thumb out and look for something that impresses you instead of indulging yet.another addicted moment. #
  • #Psychopaths always have the advantage; being self-referential they need neither aid/reward nor hinder/'obstruct. Plenty of opportunities. #
  • Smartest company today: rPath ( | smartest page: @bhorowitz & @pmarcablog ( cc: @dankeldsen #
  • Q: anybody out there have the concentration span to appreciate a good conversation? (Apologies to my true peers.) #AttentionEconomy #matrix #
  • @tanclo Nice. But … haiku taught be the discipline of "ordinary magic", so I never allow myself digging a hundred metres into whatever. in reply to tanclo #
  • The President of the USA pledged to make the citizens of another democracy "scream in agony" (Nixon/Kissinger) … what is your complaint?! #
  • Right libertarians stand and defend free speech. Theirs. Their pals'. Speech they like. Others'?! F' that liberals shiet. Screw "rights". #
  • Dear comrades – You fought and suffered for your principles and sense of integrity. You were lied to and manipulated. Don't lie. Just don't. #
  • Crack-pots and tea-baggers weaken government and rule of law. Psychopaths and fascists benefit from that. How are you? Feeling comfie? #
  • USofA (Yes, you as individuals!) have all the swagger … but what about spine? Waste your wealth, waste your opportunities, waste … #
  • (I'm of you.) Obama's a commie? F'n Nixon was using trial by press / special covert teams. Spit, cracker. Don't hide … spit! #
  • Know why "shun" and "ostracism" and "paraiah" is so easy for you? (You hide behind deniability, I know.) Cuz you're puppets. Read: 'bots. #
  • My Zen vow: do not allow a lie to be presented as truth. Too complicated for you? too arcane? too bizarre? eccentric? Find an excuse, do. #
  • Crackers and yahoos and TeaBaggers yowl against big gov't while ignoring / hiding how they're being lied to. Vietnam. Iraq. Have a thot. #
  • "A collapse of integrity of the 1st order" is how Bud calls it. He took part in WH-directed break-ins. You? thinking / paper-bag #
  • @dankeldsen – Trust I grok the picture: while authorities are obfuscating what they know, of course they don't want my decision system. #
  • "What do I mean office politics? I mean people advancing their careers by means other than merit and contribution." > < #
  • @Hal337 "Veggies" pretty much describes the crowd here. "I dis… (YouTube–t90?a) #
  • I'm sure TeaBaggers love the idea of military advisors mis-leading PotUS, cuz PotUS is a commie Muslim. But how do you feel about it? #
  • "This is a pivotal moment in history." I anticipate that you will find secure positions where you can optimize your deniability. *cretins* #
  • @WhiteHouse – The interests who are gate-keeping against PotUS's abilities aren't going to advance my decision system. It works too well. #

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