BenTrem tweeted on 2010-10-04

  • TeaBaggers want honesty? But then they talk about "the monster mosque built blocks from ground zero". Monster mosque? Honestly? #fascism #
  • p.s. Yes, I know you've ruined language. But fascism is a term. And TeaBaggers' distortions are paradgmatic. And yes, Stalin did use it too. #
  • Dear TeaBaggers: If you are lusting for righteousness, why do you manufacture enemies? That's called pathology. It gets you pals, not peace. #
  • @always_private Ain't the sweetest thing? I hope they have enough revenue model to survive / thrive … kinda understated. cheers in reply to always_private #
  • Dear @support @twitter – #RFE sure would be nice to filter for ReTws … in effect they have been favorited; actively "liked". #grok #
  • #geek – I know someone tweeted JS API / library for doing google maps this week / last 10 days. Anyone recall? #google #maps #GoogleMaps #
  • Noticed my tweet blog stopped updating. What a pain, but SHOUTS to TwitterTools for great documentation. Thanks guys! #
  • @nicholaspatten Lost HTML5 mapping/tiling … found it cuz I had retweeted you. Gotta luv this stuff. :-) in reply to nicholaspatten #
  • "Creative People You Should Be Following On Twitter" > < ( via @nicholaspatten #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — Antilles "Goose" In Flight #
  • @djsiry The other side of the aisle has the advantage; "making sense" is optional and often surplus to requirement. in reply to djsiry #
  • Dear young American – GOP/TeaBaggers tell you Swedish / Finnish socialism = Stalinist communism. Don't you resent being manipulated? Hmmm? #
  • #Esks #CFL – I just turned on the game. OMG. #
  • #Esks – Let's see if we can manage at least 1 infraction during every possession. Just to see. *Holy BatShit SheepMan!* #
  • #Esks – Okay, I take back what I said about infractions. Good show. Let's keep it that way, k? #
  • Puhrty, ain't it?! *beam* #Esks #
  • #Esks – too much drama #

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