BenTrem tweeted on 2010-08-15

  • @DrJennifer " what r u talking about?" is just what I mean … like a prissy grade 11 kid. really … dignify others by dignifying yourself in reply to DrJennifer #
  • @DrJennifer Click "in reply to" … it's easy … child's play … try it some time, instead of the sophomoric drivel. in reply to DrJennifer #
  • "Media savvy psychotherapist PhD " … yaaa right. Yuppie BS wrapped in cotton-candy and swimming in rainbow-colored smoke. meh #
  • @danwrong Think it this way: most are snivelling twits, most of the rest are asshole like you. Good folk? Stay home; as you would have them. #
  • @danwrong p.s. isn't it uber-lame to link to on *d'uhh* Twitter staff are mostly brain-damaged. #
  • So now google requires both CAPTCHA /and/ login to comment on BlogSpot. You rule? Sure … you also suck. –ben #
  • I /almost/ had conversation tonight. 1 guy (ageing rock star) kept crashing it. This suits /you/ because you're yard-wide, inch-deep. #
  • @BritishRT You and I are from vy diff places. I /enjoy/ using napkins, but would declare them optional. Priorities, ehh whot? *Followed* in reply to BritishRT #
  • You lack irony. So smart; all you do is tell and tell and tell and sell and sell. Talk with you? Empower fascism. (Not askin'; sayin') #
  • #dharma #
  • @InsideAxis – Thanks for the SPAM DM. Now I know to unFollow / Block you. Please do choke/die real, real soon. 'nite #

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