BenTrem tweeted on 2010-07-25

  • USEC is t.h.e shiet. ^5(YouTube #
  • I liked a YouTube video — USEC – Shorts Tucano showcase #
  • Flickr's "new and improved" reminds me of EAv's "new and improved". Functionality be damned, it's about buzz. *pffff!* Waste my f'n time. #
  • I've done a MilSlim PlayList … someone really ought to do the same for USEC… (YouTube #
  • @Razputin53 – Depends what you're used to. When I moved east I'd go ice-fishi… (YouTube #
  • Ever cool! Reading on WikiPedia's use-cases, they used the model I developed in 1996. More credit to Jimmy Wales and friends! *sigh* #
  • Think I'm kidding about "stupid"? On YouTube's "Advanced Uploader" page there's a panel that includes "Advanced Video Upload > Try Now <" #
  • 20 minutes trying to get an UpLoad started to YouTube. Ohhhh I know, you're true and noble and good … make excuses, go ahead. meh #
  • Yet.another GBuzz PITA. Everything I say about #yuppies and their kidz you can learn for yourself by using Google software. #BrainDamaged #
  • @CoachChic You hiring? ;-P 'nite in reply to CoachChic #
  • OMG I knew I shudna had that other cuppa coffee. (YouTube #
  • "Social networking is changing the way we find information" > < via @charlesyeo #

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