BenTrem tweeted on 2010-07-20

  • What I wrote an hour ago? < Wow, looks like soup/stew weather after all! #YEG #
  • So: I've logged in to FB via my site … question is: where am I?! #
  • #WP – Oookay, who's the clever?! I found a nice little horizontally oriented :-) on my site far right edge. heh #
  • @tturbo Of all the things that have come and gone, as stuff does, my circa '78 moly-frame back-pack w/the lovely creak in it, that I miss! in reply to tturbo #
  • Dear "junk cleanup utility" – Firefox "History" is not junk. *freakin' idiots* #
  • Futher to what I just tweeted: now Plaxo invites me to connect with Ben Tremblay. Idiots. Pathetic, self-absorbed, incompetent idiots. #
  • @bmn @dpn – And I feel good about myself when a PHP hack does'nt destroy my blog. ;-) > < #
  • I (like you) get pressured to ignore certain details here & there, now & then. Now those bits and pieces are coming together. #UrbanMadness #
  • Superficial cockiness is /not/ substitude for realistic self-esteem. It leaves us brittle, pushy instead of responsive. #UrbanMadness #
  • People who write very nice blog posts about programming with #jQuery and then don't link to demonstration; what's with that?! #
  • "AutoAnchors #jQuery Plugin" > < Schweet … I can see using this inside a long document. #
  • @digiphile is cookin'. I mean it. Definitely worth regular attention. (I'm saving it locally. Nuggets!) #Gov2 < #
  • "jQuery Vs. JavaScript – The Masters Share Their Views On Vanilla JS" > < via @addyosmani #
  • heh … big museum has a huge contract for a huge project and, dig this, they want the designer to do technical documentation! *FAIL* #
  • Sheer madness … new ebook publisher wants writers. Lenght ~~ 150 pages. Pay? Max $250. I got that much /day 15yrs ago!! #

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