BenTrem tweeted on 2010-07-04

  • A classic from 9SEP09: "The Myth of Crowdsourcing; Crowds don't innovate–individuals do" > < ( #
  • #YuppieSpeak – "More than 300 ways we provoked the future" means "In our project we received 300 comments as suggestions." YaaRight YR YR #
  • CEO GE calls USofA "a nation of pathetic exporters". How flaming self-loating is that?! Pathetic /importers/ is sad … export? Yes, do! #
  • #TEDxOilSpill – Fine fine fine, we haven't spent enough on eco-research. Good way to skip social dynamics i.e. logistics on the ground. #
  • Ooh, Clay Shirky on BBC. Kewlio #
  • Every day in every way we pollute more and more and more. So please don't tell me you deserve your aristocrats' life-style. Just f'n don't. #
  • Thinking about the assissination of soccer player Andres Escobar, I'm reminded how "nice" people run interference for the psychopaths. SOP. #
  • People get away with shit because it increases entropy; the noise makes it impossible to track the real villains. So the shit continues. #
  • To manifest authentic critical consciousness is to show you aren't loyal to the dominant paradigm. And #yuppies rely on it for their wealth. #
  • Tweeting with location on … I don't see it. #
  • "Researchers say Obama's slow on oil spill science" > < Folk getting paid to do their jobs badly. #yuppies #
  • RT @cjoh "How Transparency Fails (and works, too)" > < #Gov2 #Gov2.0 #Gov20 #
  • A slightly less dusty personal profile at WikiPedia > < #
  • #WorldCup high drama: Pique (SP) grabs with both hands; penalty kick blocked. Then other end, Spain's penalty goal dis-allowed, then blocked #
  • #WorldCup – You don't score by shooting RIGHT AT THE KEEPER. meh #
  • Lovely game … Spain over Paraguay #WorldCup #
  • Paraguay had a wonderful opportunity, late: two shots from close in, and both right into the keeper's belly. #
  • "Matches" at FIFA > < URU | NED and GER | SP … 3 EU and 1 SA. #
  • @CBCNews Wouldn't be bad to tag those stories with #WorldCup … thanks for the coverage! in reply to CBCNews #
  • @jdarrah What pub did you go to … South Side? Downtown? Am planning on that for next 3 games. #YEG in reply to jdarrah #
  • #Patent – "Mouse-over preview of contextually relevant results" is patented?! > < You folk are just.plain insane! #
  • Too funny: "Speaker Bios" at a purported "new social media / social journalism" site has a total of 0 links in this listing. 0 as in nada. #
  • While grunts do heavy-lifting, clever cheats apply 80/20 (cherry picking low-hanging fruit) and get four times the credit. #yuppies #
  • You musical? For decades I've heard an instrument … not sax, not haut-bois … today I found it: duduk!!! < #
  • I heard about "equanimity"; it seemed a fine concept. Then I studied #Zen and I found paradox. Now it's pelucid; have I understood? @spiver #
  • @waynesutton Sometimes "slap in the face"; others, "brick upside the head". Tomato / tomahto? ;-) in reply to waynesutton #
  • "Filibuster Reform: Curbing Abuse to Prevent Minority Tyranny in the Senate" > < (Brennan Center) c/w 3Meg JPG *sigh* #
  • Nice ad … very revealing. Can't watch TV movie with popcorn, no no, gotta have 2 huge bowls of M&Ms. #matrix #borg #
  • @TomLeuer Are you on FB? I just discovered a Philosophers app that's amazingly comprehensive and well implemented. in reply to TomLeuer #
  • "Senator Tom Harkin Urges End to “Tyranny of the Minority”" > < #

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