BenTrem tweeted on 2010-06-20

  • Case of death by RCMP tazer in airport re-opened!!! (Gee, think mebbe someone can just blessed well tell the truth this time?!) #
  • Head of RCMP "doesn't get it". BP mgt "doesn't get it". GSachs CEO "doesn't get it". /I/ haven't build those entities. How'bout you? 0_o #
  • Lemme guess, the RCMP officers, BP mgt, GSachs personnel, they only became liars recently. Not to friends and other, no no. Out of the blue. #
  • Dear @CBC – You are now giving Vancouver coverage in Edmonton. When I ran MCR that wouldn't happen; sad, what happened to NABET. #CBC #YEG #
  • People are "nice" … I'm "too hard to get along with". How's that working for you so far, folks? #MeltDown #yuppies #matrix #borg #
  • Oligarchs, plutocrats, yuppies, fundamentalists unite on 1 thing: they're against unions. Cuz "getting it done" is 2nd to their /crap/. #
  • @dpn Oh ya, but what I meant was the styling: slickest tweeter thingie I've seen. (I'm working on popups w/o iframe) cc: @bmn in reply to dpn #
  • Enron, Katrina, financial meltdown, BP … now Arlington cemetery letting 211 bodies get shuffled. Gotta ask: WTF?! #
  • @Wilbertblogtalk Hi! You're blocked and flagged as SPAMer! Have a really lousy weekend now. in reply to Wilbertblogtalk #
  • @Knotts09 @rockinguide I got relief from cc: @delbius #
  • @BPGlobalPR We shout, "Jump, just jump!" and they smile as their golden parachute opens. meh in reply to BPGlobalPR #
  • The Rambling Right: Obama is weak; Obama is a thug ("shake-down"); hearings are a farce; hearings are Stalinist show-trial. GOP, shame. #
  • How stupid are #yuppies LA cleanup crews in small communities get fed by caterers who source food externally. F'n idiots, honest tuh gawd. #
  • How big is the BP spill area? Well, CA is bigger … you could put 2 of that area into the state. So: 1/2 the size of California. (PBS) #
  • I yammer about "discourse-based decision support" and nobody cares. Shit/fan and it's chickens w/heads cut off. I think the fix is in. #
  • @dpn New window? Hunh … I was in Chrome for that. (Expect me to admit using FF2 as primary? Nope, won't. No way.) in reply to dpn #
  • @dpn Not quite NLP but folk are fishing that pond big-time, topics / interests. see (Weird? or clehvur?) in reply to dpn #
  • @dpn Whatcha drinkin' there m8? *G* I'm in Chrome viewing popup on < #
  • @dpn OMG works on FF2. Now /that/ is impressive. #
  • @WABKINEW – HeyYa Wab, just saw your item. (Ain't kids a treasure?!) My gran-dad was principle at school nr Saddle Lake AB. History … ^5 #
  • ReTw @wabkinew – What's this little guy so happy about? He's going to be on the National tonight!! < (Enjoy!) #cbc #
  • #altruism "Tortoise Helps Fallen Friend" < A friend in deed! cc: @ahkonlhamo #
  • #TeaBaggers "Is the Tea Party a 'Social Justice' Movement?" > < sock.mouth #
  • NLP => MLM => *FAIL* #
  • Reading @nobodhi's "The Rite Stuff: Variations on the Theme of Ritual" <
    Synchronicity? (cont) #
  • #dharma @nobodhi's "The Rite Stuff: Variations on the Theme of Ritual" > < Synchronicity? (cont) < #
  • FF History 0KB. Gone. Day by day I trim and delete and crop. All wasted. F'n crap. #
  • Cheap/easy persistent #BrowserHistory select page title and search for it … is there to be edited. #
  • 2.5K+ tunes in iTunes; on Shuffle. I wonder, will I ever again watch TV? #
  • Dear @google – When I select text and click Search, why don't you pick up on the text? Don't you think? too busy? *pfffffft!* #frab #
  • #NowPlaying – Feliciano "Light …" Amazing how he can be hot and cool at the same time. #
  • JustForFun – "Eminem – The Real Slim Shady (LIVE AT THE UP IN SMOKE TOUR)" > < #
  • NotSoMuchForFun – "Tiken Jah – Plus Rien Ne M'Etonne" > < (YouTube) "They've divided up the world; nothing suprises me" #
  • @GuyKawasaki I appreciate you blog post, but … according to your logic those in that section are mensch?! You jest, Shirley. in reply to GuyKawasaki #
  • @zenrev That's the consciousness that needs to be … what, nurtured? Absent the reasonable and pleasant dignity of doing work well … in reply to zenrev #
  • @adrielhampton @digiphile @timoreilly – FF booted my History; an item on $2.4M in grants … fm Sunlight? Ring bells? no joy fm google. pls? #

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