BenTrem tweeted on 2010-06-04

  • "What will our offspring know about us in a thousand years?" … yaaa … that really gets to the nut of things. *WTF!!* #
  • p.s. You're yuppie prats. Lie/cheat is your way. Over-throw democractic govts, you have/will. You're sloppy/lazy. Weep. Weep long and hard. #
  • @bmn Is that "pena" with a twiddly over then n? Cuz I partied with Chileans after yuppies tumbled their shit … pen~a it was, ayep. in reply to bmn #
  • @adrielhampton Is "annotated life" sorta like Daily Me with hyper-linked Ajaxified commentary? Solipsism on steroids? A sure winner. *sigh* in reply to adrielhampton #
  • WP is such a good example of exploitive community. So sad none of you have the spine to look/see/think. Not good for OS, not good for WP. #
  • @studentofsucces An interesting comment about Tiger by one of his former coaches: he wants to learn, but not be taught. #
  • @ninjamasterdave Gotta love rivalries. My fave is CFL: Edmonton's Eskimos against Calgary's Stampeders. in reply to ninjamasterdave #
  • I hope Hawks win the Cup, but for the record: I'm a Pronger fan. Sue me! ;-p #
  • Facebook sucks! "Add alternative email account" … yaa, that'll really do me a lot of good. Thanks, but no thanks! #

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