BenTrem tweeted on 2010-06-02

  • @mezamashii Shirley you jest; //frost//?! Well, I guess it beats forest fires … but … //frost//?! in reply to mezamashii #
  • How freakin' thick … yuppies kidz really are stunned. In a discussion thread, Web2.0 pretender copies/pastes "About" from her site. Thick. #
  • @jjprojects Didn`t know that. Thot you were gonna say Kuwait fires, but what`s in the Gulf is many times worse, even if it wasn't bigger. in reply to jjprojects #
  • #FlashBack – From my days in AA2/75th Rangers: < #
  • "Nigeria's agony dwarfs the Gulf oil spill. The US and Europe ignore it" > < via FaceBook #ClusterFuck #
  • Heads up: PBS live video from well head is back on. #OilKatrina #
  • @jjprojects I call it "worse" because it's in rich tide-water rather than on desert terrain. in reply to jjprojects #
  • @swiftriver You missed my key-term, Jon. I wrote "shoulder my way in". I pressed enough. You didn't see? I regret that. HeyHo, so it goes. in reply to swiftriver #
  • Live video from the end of the riser … awful. #OilKatrina #
  • @dankeldsen @DanielWRasmus see Prof. John Willinsky on OpenAccess i.e. to publicly funded research. in reply to dankeldsen #
  • #OilKatrina – Live feed shows that they're maneuvering the saw to cut the riser. Stand-by for increased flow. *sigh* #
  • #OilKatrina – Saw's in place, cutting about to begin. It's show time! #
  • I've spent hundreds of hours running a chain-saw. I know what happens when what you're cutting is under stress. BPs saw could die any second #
  • WinAmp stream for #OilKatrina #
  • 1 pipe cut … the smallest … moving to a larger one #OilKatrina #
  • No way that circular saw can handle the riser. No way … diamond wire? #OilKatrina #
  • @mapkyca Blow Out Preventer a mile below or at the surface or on land, should be fully mature tech. My bet is sloppy maintenance. in reply to mapkyca #
  • @dpn 240/S legit? Oooh! Lookout, success is bigger PITA than failure. (My standard line … 24c pls) in reply to dpn #
  • Dear @.tractionsoftware – I've been using image Zoom forever. IMNSHO loading a new page for full-size is painfully Web.09b. #
  • 2nd cut on side-pipes is stop.start process. #OilKatrina #
  • 2nd small side-pipe cut and released. #OilKatrina #
  • "Concentration camp conditions in Chinese factories". No shit. I blogged about that in 1995. (No, not just kidding.) #GlobalGulag #
  • "Just get out of our way" When will you get sick and tired of the A-list? Not (R) or (D): the folk who suck you in yr by yr, day after day. #
  • "Top Sergeant! The reactor's deep in Yellow; scramble the rods NOW." "Sorry Sir, can't Scramble; someone forgot to change the battery." #WTF #
  • #Zen – Your high income jobs rush you. So you lead wastefully expensive lives. Which require you to have the high income jobs that rush you. #
  • #OilKatrina – OMG! Forget the diamond wire for cutting: they're positioning a MoFo huge jaw cutter! #
  • Cutting head is so humongous that the rise looks like a pop straw. #OilKatrina #
  • @jodinechase Dunno that 94St is "east" anymore! ;-) But there was power on Whyte east of Millcreek, but not west. #YEG in reply to jodinechase #

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