BenTrem tweeted on 2010-05-31

  • "The Psychologist’s View of #UX #Design" > < some #cognitive foundations #
  • Nice steady light snowfall. No, wait … WTF?!! #YEG #
  • OOoooooooWOOoooooohhhhhhhh! Stanley Cup 2010! #
  • I like Toewes, I like Pronger. I like the Hawks, I loathe the Flyers … so no-brainer: Goooo Chicago! #
  • #ParadigmShift – Chicago PA plays RATM "Killing in the Name Of" during breaks. *blink* #
  • Pronger and Byfuglien … finally a defenseman who can clear him from the crease. #GoHawks #
  • #GoHawks !! #
  • Soooo nice to see Flyers' power play die. Stick'em in the eye! #GoHawks #
  • CBC commentator, "First save wins" heh #GoHawks #
  • Yepp maybe that's what'll do it, like the guy said: "Next save wins" #GoHawks #
  • @yourdon RFE for your webmaster? Some sorta feedback after posting comment. Moderation notice or something by way of ACK. cheers in reply to yourdon #
  • I'm from St. Paul, AB. Two of my school buddies went NHL. Fave player growing up: Larry Robinson. (Gump Worsley too!) #GoHawks #
  • Next big save tips the game. #GoHawks #
  • 6 to 5 … nice game of tennis! #GoHawks #
  • @greenroofsuk You should spider Toronto media ASAP. Mayor was on TV just now citing data for green roofs. Tally ho! #
  • Who do I like less, Flyers or Lakers? I couldn't say. Really, couldn't. Just can't. #
  • @disambiguated Great, will do, thanks. BTW: creepy to have a shortened URL open a PDF. Hell, I don't like PDFs best of time! ;-) in reply to disambiguated #
  • @disambiguated p.s. I just peeked your Flickr. I use this of mine as ID sometimes > < *G* in reply to disambiguated #
  • @moorerandy Not just 30+, but record high IIRC. "Climate change" != warming. in reply to moorerandy #
  • @tylerdewar – The Kagyu group on Yahoo is showing some luvly energy, despite the 90s technology. Would you consider a rime blog? WP3 ++ #
  • #BehavioralEconomics > "Truth about what motivates us" > < "Just enough works best" (What you know ain't so!) #
  • Key point: conventional approach leads to conformity. Which, to some models, i…(YouTube #
  • Video > < says, "We want to be self-directed". I have always summarized Sun Tsu, "Each / every person a sage general." #
  • ReTw @ericschmidt – Science of motivation; explained on a whiteboard/YouTube. Absolutely fascinating > < by @theRSAorg #
  • "The Plundered Planet" Paul Collier / TheNewSchoolNYC > < (YouTube) #
  • @dpr – Abhidharma for a new realpolitik? > < __{*}__ cc @tylerdewar #
  • Added a "Paradigms" section to < #
  • @motownmutt heh … variation on "The banks will surely lend you money, when you can show that you don't need it." in reply to motownmutt #
  • @motownmutt Almost like the game is fixed. ;-p in reply to motownmutt #
  • @Ideagraph 3 tweets in the last minute … carefully, yaa? in reply to Ideagraph #
  • @swiftriver – looking through the plugins' associate documentation … I can't overcome the feeling that you're intentionally cryptic. #
  • @Ideagraph heh … I guess that translates to something like "carefully". :-) cheers in reply to Ideagraph #
  • Dealing with A-list makes my skin creep … the knowledge that I could swap a lifetime's work for a handful of beans. #
  • Free market forces lead to the financial melt down. Those same forces, to the present Gulf catastrophe. And Obama gets it in the eye. Karma? #
  • "Chairman House c'ttee Ed Markey (D-Mass.) suggests BP misled the public, warns not to trust what they're saying." < #
  • 13 pages of comments on this one HuffPost item … 600+ comments. That's #Web2 that's #Gov2 I call the A-list incompetent. #
  • 626 comments … 14 pages. 2010 and this is what we call "discussion"? (And heh LinkedIn doesn't allow HTML in discussion. *D'uhh!*) #
  • I just spidered an uber-geek's homepage … world expert in ontological mark-up. Mostly blank / circa '96. *D'uhhh!* #
  • Currently reading 'Changing the Subject' by theRSA > < #
  • #HardRainGonnaFaill – When they cut the pipe to install the new top, oil-flow will increase. *sigh* #

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