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  • @PhilBaumann *sigh* Like living in some sick/twisted B SciFi. Oh, say MSNBC's "Spectra". Pretty nifty! < in reply to PhilBaumann #
  • @PhilBaumann BTW I just followed @PhilFeed; too much A-list stuff leaves me feeling like I pigged out on cotton-candy. keep on keepin' on! in reply to PhilBaumann #
  • @jstrevino I wouldn't expect Fox to pay attention, but "jihad" has more than one meaning. #DumbingDownAmerica #EpistemicClosure in reply to jstrevino #
  • Fox wants more ignorance "Counterterror Adviser Defends Jihad as 'Legitimate Tenet of Islam'" > < #jingoism #
  • "Future Uncertain for Real-identity Web" > < by @adrielhampton #
  • @vwadhwa @bencasnocha "Rate of innovation"; category error at play? Transistor contra v-tube, quantum. Trans => VLSI incremental, but huge! in reply to vwadhwa #
  • "The more spills change, the more they stay the same" > < (YouTube/MSNBC) Eeeew, FfLlAaSsHhBbAaCk @PhilBaumann #
  • @craignewmark FYI and see @ahkonlhamo — Mangalam!! in reply to craignewmark #
  • "Austin Passy discusses the advantages and flexibility of using theme frameworks." > < (#WP TV) #
  • "Technocratic, lawyerly, detail-oriented: qualities with value. But they're a mess when they sum up a president" > < #
  • There was a time I wrote about the brilliant shimmering of every moment. (Unity of luminosity and emptiness, doncha know.) I used to … #
  • @jstrevino Depends if you aim to "interdict villains" (para-trained infantry here) or slander one of the world's great religions. Intention. in reply to jstrevino #
  • There was a time I wrote about the brilliant shimmering of every moment. (Unity of luminosity and emptiness, doncha know.) I used to … #
  • @jstrevino What's accurate about this: "The predominating one is the one that leaves people dead." Just slander, is all. in reply to jstrevino #
  • @jstrevino Looking at the history of W'n society you won't find paradigms of religious tolerance! Bias … jingoism. in reply to jstrevino #
  • #record – "Burn them all and let God know his own" (and they did too) – W'n Christians dealing with other W'n Christians. Sound like jihad? #
  • @jstrevino I'm talking about honesty _contra_ jingoism and sophistry. You mind? I don't care. in reply to jstrevino #
  • @jstrevino Ok, let's say you're knowledgeable. Then you know that Saudi Wahhabism is a virulent minority. To inflame? or edify? Intention. in reply to jstrevino #
  • @StephenKelly – the future is here: "Quebec fire situation remains critical" > < CBC News (3hrs ago) #
  • "Public confidence in gov't services". Opportunistic careerists doing 20% of their jobs to get easy 80% of credit. #yuppies #matrix #borg #
  • @jstrevino Jihad as war against infidels? Wahhabism 101. in reply to jstrevino #
  • "wonder if any of those food industry trained workers went on to work on an oil rig for BP." > < (HuffPost) #matrix #
  • @jstrevino Never out of NA. And will continue insisting on balance / questioning intent. I find no religious monopoly on malice. in reply to jstrevino #
  • A propagandist who claims experience and education … no comfort there! #
  • #WP3 and customization techniques using 2010 (default theme) > < w/Steve Bruner (WP TV) #
  • @jstrevino And Fox has a long-standing world-wide reputation for acknowledging with a steady hand … riiiiight. in reply to jstrevino #
  • @jstrevino Absent real integrity we're left with sterile scholasticism, at best. More likely? Jingoism (Fox) and sophistry. 0_o IMNSHO in reply to jstrevino #
  • The best liars are gifted: they book-end their distortions with truth. #
  • #Rapture – Will True Believers warn the rest of us with a declaration of holy war? or will it be a sneak attack? #
  • @jstrevino "Exculpatory fiction"?! Ok fine, so balance by fessing up: you are trying that religion and its followers' guilt / innocence. in reply to jstrevino #
  • #Fox #Fundamentalists are #BrainDamaged, and and in-spired that they can stand in supreme judgment. Sheer madness. #
  • @jstrevino Ah? Fox's item seemed to me the nut of it. That was the specific that triggered my initial tweet. (I'm allergic to that style.) in reply to jstrevino #
  • @jstrevino I'll stand on this: treating Islam as monolithic and homogeneous is a fiction of the non-exculpatory kind. That's my point. in reply to jstrevino #
  • "Obama's a socialist; empathy is a disease; WH spokesperson legitimates violent jihad" … free speech is a real PITA. #
  • I wonder if the mafiosi who are so skilfully under-mining the Russian state bother with talk about holy war and such. meh #

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