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  • If you post comment #2846 of 3,980 (on page 43 of 56) … you as a citizen celebrate Web2.0 and Gov2.0? So, no need for me here. Ipso facto. #
  • "Unethical" and "reprehensible"; actions by bureaucrats who oversaw deep-sea drilling. By the folk who produced Enron and Katrina. #yuppies #
  • "'The Empathic Civilization': Rethinking Human Nature in the Biosphere Era" by Jeremy Rifkin > < (HuffPost) #
  • @StephenKelly They didn't get /.'d, they got #g2e #039;d :-) in reply to StephenKelly #
  • @craignewmark SignIn to WH /openforquestions is 404. Ironic, nae? #
  • "Journalism and 'the words of power'"
    by Robert Fisk" > < via @novaspivack #
  • "Expeditionary Economics; Spurring Growth After Conflicts and Disasters" > < Tell me again why you ignore Kant? hmmm? #
  • @thomasfletcher Did I mention Curl or phoney messages? I went back 24hrs+ and no such. in reply to thomasfletcher #
  • @thomasfletcher Oh! IIRC a "You have a messsage" banner, top of the page. Figured it to be legit, in context, but not. Was disappointed. #
  • Friend Wheel for Twitter >; <by @thomasfletcher #
  • @thomasfletcher There … according to friend wheel "Message Center" I have 3 New and 1 New Friend Request. Crap ads make you look bad in reply to thomasfletcher #
  • BP is toast: internal memo says in hrs before blowout indicates of gas in column; continued drilling was fundamental error. They're dead. #
  • @mastermaq When I got home (after 20yrs away) was blown away to see the Square concrete. It had been beautiful! Grass, stage … very nice. in reply to mastermaq #
  • @bpluskowski Yes, "community as team". Wish community of #Gov20 innovators saw things that way! #HighSchoolPolitics #g2e #
  • One of the first things I said re: OilKatrian was that JPL-style over-sight should have been required. Deep-sea, for f'sake!!! #yuppies #
  • Dear TeaBaggers – Your ideology (such as it is) works for stirring up shit, but that is all. (google jingoism) #BrainDamage #
  • Q: if your house is on fire, are you allowed to / responsible for putting it out? Bourgeois social philosophy is lame. I mean lame. I.e lame #
  • Who was complacent? How much were they paid? Why were they in that position? #yuppies … makes me gag. Enron-think, Katrina execution. #
  • Simply: mundane greed and dishonesty. Keep in mind "greed is good", ambition is a virtue, and empathy is a socialist conspiracy. #matrix #
  • @thomasfletcher I appreciate your work (social graphs are all o'that); those ads are the worst. They reflected badly on you. cheers! in reply to thomasfletcher #
  • Friend Wheel for Twitter >; <by @thomasfletcher #
  • OutSourcing on oil rigs? In airlines major carriers off-load liability to cut-rate regional carriers. Same with deep-sea? #
  • What comes to mind responding to a thoughtful blog post about Camus > < #yuppies #matrix #borg #
  • The knack, it seems to me, is to behave like ADHD tweakers while scrambling to max personal income / consumption. Not a pretty picture. #
  • President of Plaquemines Parish on CNN. He says, "Nothing happening. Nothing." Betcha yuppies are hauling down big bucks on overtime! #
  • "Short video clip of oil at the Chandeleur islands on May 9th" > < #
  • "Birds and oil visible in most recent citizen map of southern Chandeleur islands" > < ( #
  • #paradigm L.A. BucketBrigade > < #
  • Beer o'clock in #YEG (which won't show up in HashTag Search because I'm not A-list so @twitter won't bother fixing my account) @bs #
  • History: last flight of the shuttle is over. Someone furling a banner someplace? #
  • @newmediajim – Just a reminder that StumbleUpon hijacks your stuff in its frame. stay well #
  • "Take “The Upside of Irrationality IQ test” How rational are you in terms of “The Upside of Irrationality”?" > < #

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