BenTrem tweeted on 2010-05-25

  • @dpn – xkcd's blogfracta/? Straight edges. Square corners, too, but most: straight. (sierpinski is special case) :-) #
  • Breaking Bad = t.h.e shiet #
  • To start the day: delete Follow notifications from marketing types. #
  • @bubbleideas HeyYa Arvind- Fine as store bought candy. You're still riding your tiger? :-) in reply to bubbleideas #
  • "Get Total Twitter Followers With jQuery" > < via @Dave_Bush #
  • @bubbleideas I'll deff look the site over; pleasure. BTW NewToMe: in reply to bubbleideas #
  • "AJAXing a WordPress Theme" > < [VIDEO] #
  • Woa, that wasn't pretty. Laptop just stopped. *poof* PowerOff. Voodoo? Vista? Bad karma? (Redundant, there.) #
  • Post mal-ware: Chrome and GMail need to have Connection set up each time; Chrome and FF lose Twitter cookies. Weirdness. #
  • "Toward An Abstract Courage" > < (TheAtlantic) #
  • "Speaking of Libertarians and the Civil Rights Act…." < ( #
  • Decades pushing a method to systematically and forensically treat difficult issues and problems. And you're bored with me. FU /me tired #
  • Ratio of pundits to ISVs … 100/1? 1000/1? Easy to re-blog and re-tweet w/o clue 1 about actual innovation dynamics. #froth #
  • @sbspalding Yepp … fractal, is whott it is. Now, when we try and apply that to ontology for #SW … *grin* in reply to sbspalding #
  • "Choose Your Epidemic: Tea Parties or "Yes We Can"" by Deepka Chopra > < (HuffPost) #

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