BenTrem tweeted on 2010-05-05

  • Can we get a petition going? Pronger deserves to be on a good team … draft him away from those bums in Philly. #
  • Eat it, Philly! haaa! #
  • @Chris_Moody I wonder if that's smart marketing to counter iPad / bolster kindle. #
  • @ArtemNDP Something I noticed about TeaBaggers' material: it's intentionally insular, quasi-hermetic. "Epistemic closure"? ;-) in reply to ArtemNDP #
  • May 2nd: "President Obama Speaks on NYC Incident and BP Oil Spill in Louisiana" > < (YouTube) #
  • @elranoded Nice article. But when a Mashable page appears with showing as location, I call that false curation. in reply to elranoded #
  • Bruins need to take a page from the Habs' book … block shots!!! #
  • ReTw @janeforshort – WP Core team togetherness > < #
  • @TSN_Sports – Sure am glad I have 2nd TV set; hope schedules don't overlap too often! #
  • Vancouver's on the board! A minute and a half in *wh00t!* #
  • Ohhhh yaaa … power-play gives Van 2 – 0 lead. Proper thing. #
  • Nail-biter for Bruins … can we have a blowout for Cannucks? #
  • I think mebbe Vancouver Canucks should think about declining power plays. #
  • Black Hawks showed so awsome discipline there … gotta say. #
  • "Daily Wrap Ups" from Web 2.0 Expo San Francisco > < #
  • "Live Stream of Web 2.0 Expo SF Keynotes" > < #
  • Tim Berners-Lee and @timoreilly streaming live. Can it be sweeter?! > < #
  • @w2e – Watching the Tim and Tim show right now (wonderful!) but can find no time / date data. Is this live? archival? cheers #
  • @ChrisLaBossiere – I'm sure the gulf area has their equiv. of Ducks Unlimited … guys I know to be sensible. in reply to ChrisLaBossiere #
  • When I hear folk talkin' Web2.0 I look around. What do I see when I look? #
  • @kpkfusion – re: "best minds on the problem", 80/20 rule. 20% effort = 80% appearance of preparedness. Epidemic problem; reality is hard. in reply to kpkfusion #
  • We as a community can't even handle personal credit. We can handle off-shore drilling? And now we're drifting towards nuclear … *aargh!* #
  • @craignewmark tomorrow? Wish I could be there … heck of a line-up. in reply to craignewmark #
  • Watch this space: "GOP Makes Inroads Online" will be posted tomorrow > < (PBS NewsHour) Progressives are out-numbered. #
  • @hollingsworth – Quite a shock. I figured it this way: better to have that first encounter when young, while it's still sort of mythic. best in reply to hollingsworth #
  • Seems trite, in the flow of things, but Intel's "I changed it to a plus *giggle giggle*" still cracks me up. #geek #
  • Getting ready for #HabsHockey with #
  • Key: it's not "Les Canadiens", but rather, "Vos Canadiens" … not a detail! #
  • @All_Habs – peek @elenaborsellino a minute ago, great snapshot! in reply to All_Habs #
  • Sorry, but I gotta say: the original French lyrics for the anthem are still t.h.e shiet. #
  • @marcrjgagnon – Home brew ale; spag w/home-made sauce, and the team. It's good! cheers in reply to marcrjgagnon #
  • Pittsburg bums get first penalty. heh #
  • #Habs – Betcha Crosby's gonna have another hissy-fit this game. #

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