BenTrem tweeted on 2010-04-17

  • Reminder for folk needing to migrate: “Helpful Resources for Ning Users” at BuddyPress > < #
  • #AshCloud – I went on record mid-80s: society is a re-entrant system; “little things” can cause a tip. Think nuclear or climate change. #
  • => “403 Forbidden: The server understood the request, but is refusing to fulfill it.” C’mon folk, dog food!! #
  • Some TV commercials really are funny. I wonder: what if ad writers, brokers & traders tried to do something decent? #
  • @ponlop Wonderful! With a text of those, we could make a cyber 3-way by combining with *grin* #
  • @ponlop It took til DEC2003 (28yrs; I’m slow!) but I found a way of presenting dialection using Ajax / Web2.0 #
  • @Joelplane Yes; dissipation / short-sightedness is awful. Not only pathological but also diagnostic. Folk are freaked out. cheers #
  • @Vajratopa – I think “pain is nothing more than pain” is on target. Suffering is all shiny and scintillating! ;-) #
  • @karmapaeurope – A lot of folk must be very disappointed. My heart is with you there. We trust it isn’t for naught, yes? TD! #

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