BenTrem tweeted on 2010-04-09

  • Katrina. Enron. “Sub-prime mortgages”. I got your attention? “Cooked Budget Numbers and Oblivious to Realities” > < #
  • Toyota. WVa coal mines. *tap tap tap* > < “The Stupidest Argument about Health Care Reform Ever; Neocons Weigh In” #
  • “Cooked Budget Numbers and Oblivious to Realities” > < Katrina. Enron. “Sub-prime mortgages”. I got your attention? #
  • Enron, Wall Street, FEMA … status quo doesn’t require your optimism; it requires your day to day collaboration, self-delusion. #
  • When a bear wandered into our camp I told him about my 4 daughters and baby boy, and waved my spade in his face. I’m not anti-bear. #
  • Let’s talk about “to the right of Nixon”. Brass-tacks. What’s appealing about Palin? No, really. What? There … ponder that. #
  • “Fierce philosophical battle”? Where?!! Reagan as hero of reduced Fed? Delusion … madness … insanity … jingoistic crap. #
  • Note (for f’ sake!) “empathy” is evil, “liberal” is evil, “great society” is evil, integration is evil. Conservative? horse-shit: crackers. #
  • It starts when you give the bully what he wants. It starts when you “bend the stick” to favor your pal, and screw someone who won’t flatter. #
  • What you’re seeing, friends, is pent-up frustration welling up and being directed against civility itself. Nothing new. Just more so. #borg #
  • “Making the case for civic engagement in schools” > < via @bakerinstitute #
  • “Open Government: idling in the driveway” > < Sunlight Foundation Blog #

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