BenTrem tweeted on 2010-03-16

  • Outside / back stoop with Cat … above freezing … brings my mind back to busking. Mebbe next life I’ll waste as a novelist. #
  • @JasonFalls “TechKaraoke” I can’t relate to, but plush chairs? Back in the day hotels had “quiet bars” … coffee / cigar / brandy. #
  • Re-entrant logic: because what you call “conversation” is most usually manipulative / sales pitch, “discourse” must be deprecated. #matrix #
  • @philcrissman – I think it would be true bodhisattva activity on your part to really hunt that down. Everything about that smells bad fish. #
  • @philcrissman Unless you were using wry to talk about a phishing scam. *Ah ain’t stuhpud, but I sure can be slow!* #
  • @craignewmark /me wants to know how craig found the place he’s living. *grin* #
  • @aaronmentele – Anthropology? Failing that, ethology? It might give you one helluva blog post! #
  • @nicholaspatten Thanks. For something like 10yrs I’ve been totally under-whelmed by most design. see #
  • @Populista You’re gonna choke me up. Okay, ok, I watched ER quite a while, etc etc … but WW was t.h.e shiet. CJ Cregg’s my paradigm! #
  • @Robloweprofile – Karma … mutati mutandis … Bartlet wudna got into this situation. (‘sup w/Pelosi?! Someone’s gonna write a book.) #
  • “47 CSS Tips&Tricks Take Your Site To The Next Level” > < Aweful layout for tech_doc; love it. Tks @nicholaspatten !! #
  • uh-oh, Jon Stewart has picked up my rap. (Gotta switch UFC for wrestling. LIke, yesterday.) #
  • @alicam heh … should we have had to wait for this, at all? ;-) #
  • I just groked a metaphor. *Hey, I heard that!* I want to help farmers cope with draught; my cohort is polishing their fave golden idols. #
  • Closing thought: seems to me most religion rests on just those questions Buddha considered “un-beneficial”. Fool, he? I think not. ‘nite #
  • “Five myths about the war in #Afghanistan” > < (WashPost) #

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