BenTrem tweeted on 2010-03-06

  • “Heroku is a multi-tenant platform and hosting environment.” > < The “future” is now mundane? #
  • #EA – You guys on crack?! This PG/1942/BF2/AA2 vet sez BC is a dog’s breakfast. MIL-SPEC 101, dweebs. Give yuhr hedz a shake. #
  • #EA p.s. Since I ran BC a few minutes ago my PC is running like a ‘486. You make me feel dirty. WTF. #
  • Dateline Mexico Kidnapping – Self-interest? You think community paid health and schools and police and fire is “socialist”. #BrainDamage #
  • Look away, in the school yard, as a child, from the bully. Look away, in university, from the cheat. Look away, and aid, and abet. #lamerz #
  • @AdamBoettiger Ummm … having “surrendered” my attention, I’m to surrender my autonomy to regain it? I have admired you. Fool, I. #crack #
  • @AdamBoettiger p.s. telling, that the post you pointed to allows no comments. So, what do you do for a living? *KWATZ!* Zen my fucking ass. #
  • Every day, in every way, you aid and abet psychopaths … more than you can know. Or not. It’s yours to choose. Or obfuscate. *Zen?! F you!* #
  • “Thanks” to
    @AdamBoettiger: ZenHabits posts “be an Exclusive Advertiser”, noting “I’m not taking guest posts at the moment”. Web -2.0 #
  • Decades ago I said that my cohort (yuppies) had killed Zen. Tonight, on “ZenHabits” I read “I don’t do email. I mean, I do have a life.” :Z #
  • @zen_habits – Thank you: I’ll be 56 in May; I was “on the bus” in ’64; I was airborne-trained infantry, and SigInt. You’re truly malign. #
  • Sez @zen_habits “I don’t do email. I mean, I do have a life” “I’m not taking guest posts at the moment” and “be an Exclusive Advertiser” … #
  • @d_rivera I’d suggest don’t bother with a “spammers list”. TBird’s Bayes does fine on EMail. Why would I bother keeping a list here? cheers #
  • @DonRiep They did whott? *blink* Someone say something to them about Vancouver? Diggin’ pucks out of corners? heh #
  • Have you bothered to take 1 moment pondering cruelty? Generosity? Kindness? You’d stand, you know … you’d stand on your own if you had. #
  • Dawkins cites West Wing and ER. Ok. Not House? *shrug* And then Obama. Not Gorbachev? Not Allende? Not Nyerere? #wuss #
  • “Had an amazing evening at the Realtors Awards” *gone* #
  • “Pure concept car” quips CasinoTank. *gone* #
  • @Edmonton_Biz – You are the nightmare I’ve had about Alberta for decades. You pollute my tweet-stream. No others … just you. *gone* #
  • @TomLeuer “Panache! Panache, toujours panache!” Sure beats the ass off sophistry and cant, no? cheers #
  • “What happens after you die?” … holy shit, bat-person … what happens /after you act/?! Is the entire gnooshere benighted? #
  • Sully. Yaa, Sully. The guy who didn’t come up with a clehvur sophistic bullshit line for how dramatically he fucked up. #yuppies #twits #
  • @wbaustin Palast. Greg Palast. Do! (I don’t need to spell it out. Shall I? No … cheers!) #
  • @Tumblr @RobertReich #Someone please make “” into an active link on < TIA #

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