BenTrem tweeted on 2010-03-04

  • “Mind seems to be projecting but it is not an entity; it does not develop or decline during the three times.” #grok #42 #
  • “Haiti: A New U.S. Occupation Disguised as Disaster Relief?” > < Platitudes are more “fun”, I know. I know … I know. #
  • Hey, wait a minute! Cops and fire-fighters are publically funded. And they call themselves a brotherhood. So they’re gay socialists, right? #
  • Not quite koan, but … if you take material success off the list, what marks a life well lived?Now strike “accomplishments”; what remains? #
  • How sad: is shutting down. Really, sad. “Sorry, the public Ghost service is closing March 15” > #
  • If you understand what is meaningful to me, and why, thenI’m at a disadvantage? That’s the death of civil discourse. #politics #borg #
  • @sibob It seems someone is really driving Bing Maps. I bet someone at google is paying attention. Or better be! #
  • @GuyKawasaki That was soooo funny. I muttered to myself, “Iran … Iraq … whatevuh” huh huh. Aloha nui loa! #
  • Says “I want to help astronomers w/observations” is analog to my work with #civics. Not “optics”, not statistics. Too broad! /Instruments/. #
  • #apps4army – My plan for DSS: ground discourse _qua_ discourse using propositional decomposition and syllogistic analysis. @ArmyCIOG6 #
  • @mhil1 In my experience mil apps deal with “restricted case” … effects-based, yes? My notion of #Gov20 includes the subjective narrative. #
  • Nice support system, @twitter. I’ve been through 12+ pages. /How do I start a ticket?!/ *meh* > < #
  • Why do so many people so often start so many of their sentences with, “Well …” It’s epidemic! #BrainFart #
  • “Salesforce Chatter – a new collaboration platform; to build collaborative cloud-computing applications on” #

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