BenTrem tweeted on 2010-02-12

  • I just realized why things in the #FS #FS2004 world are such a shambles: VATSIM is OS, but FS is M$ … sloppy / selfish. #
  • @tlw3 Decades ago my closest hippie friend would winter in Kyber, buying cloth & jewelry and *cough* you know. Not no more! #
  • Conversation about health care = trap; my project on deliberative discourse is lame; pure coincidence. Not that citizens are brain-damaged. #
  • Gov’t run healthcare = doom. Gov’t run schools? Police department? Fire? You want privatized fire departments? #BrainDamage #Matrix #Borg #
  • The American way: screw discussion, I have the conclusion, and my conclusion is louder than yours. Fight with Mafia & Taliban as turf war? #

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