BenTrem tweeted on 2010-02-06

  • I know I’m truly a plug when I see such as (Okay, I do trax … which ain’t nuthin’ … but still …) #
  • “Crowdsourcing Innovation vs. The Economics of Elitism” > < thanks to @innovate aka Braden Kelley #
  • Think MMA is crap? Henderson VS Nogueira, years ago, in Pride … all the skill of Greco-Roman … freakin’ awesome. #
  • What’s better than MMA/Pride|Noguera/Henderson? My geek list … you folk really impress me. #
  • @dweekly The paralising fear of failure causes incompetence and then failure. ;-) #
  • Ok enough of this geek crap … back to the fight. *Hoooaah!* #
  • Hear, hear! “almost nothing has changed in 10 years [with] popular consumption of news online” > < @marshallk #

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