BenTrem tweeted on 2009-12-02

  • #PotUS – He named Pakistan, including it as the center of radical terrorism. Now the mal-contents on all sides will rant and whine. #
  • #PotUS – Oooh! Obama is /finally/ using at least a teenie bit of oratory! (Marked by spontaneous un-prompted applause.) #
  • Ayup, white trash, red-necks, crackers, and right-wing nut cases are having a field-day. USofA is a dangerously unbalanced force. #PotUS #
  • #YEG #CFL – GreyCup 2010 is gearing up; see facebook > < #
  • Bottom line: to American Taliban, President Obama’s speech was total trash; he is a traitor and an idiot. American Taliban is disease. #
  • RT @nicholaspatten: Complete Beginners Guide to Interaction Design. > < (Nowhere near exhaustive, but still …) #
  • @wbaustin Scanning channels (God right-wingers are foul!) was gob-smack impressed by CNN’s panel … a great mix of pundits. #

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