BenTrem tweeted on 2009-11-23

  • I favorited a YouTube video — Hadouken! – M.A.D. #
  • System: Lie, cheat, and profit … then deny. Yuppies have 0.00 concept of karma, but have mastered sophistry. #
  • @luxuryluke Best DJ in LA ever hunh. How’bout this: he was drunk, you’re brain-damaged. #
  • @TheCommonHoster Luv Mashable, but “depressed women” and “health benefits” is not what they’re about. #
  • @QueenofSpain Uhhh you’re how old? And you’re now figuring out “heating pad”?! *head/desk* #
  • @QueenofSpain My X had the bad habit of setting fires. She described it as “unconcern for material goods #

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