BenTrem tweeted on 2009-08-27

  • Fact: “nice” people are often far more cynical than are mercenaries. Q: can you honestly crit Kennedys? Alt is Bush & Nixon & Thatcher. #
  • Ad lib – I think my cohort (they pseudo-hippies) are exceedingly good at one thing, and one thing only: hard heartedness. #
  • heh … DIA just displayed humility: “To know something about everything, all the time”. heh … gotta luv Yanks. #
  • Wow … Teddy’s being likened to Churchill (yet.another aristocratic motherf*cker). Q: Can yuppies grok pragmatism w/o bending over? #
  • Dear crackers – It’s the new millenium, and you still feel comfortable acting like brown-shirt fascists while demonizing liberalism. WTF? #
  • My take away from Charlie Rose w/Ted Kennedy: crackers train their kids to feel ok (and more) about being dumb-f*ck ignorant. #
  • ReTw @JonHutson – 30 Kossacks Say Goodbye to Our Senator-at-Large ( #Kennedy – Physicians for Human Rights #

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