BenTrem tweeted on 2009-07-14

  • Nothing “republican” about neo-cons; everyone swimming in their wake chokes on their shit i.e. deficits and CIA black-ops. #oligarchs #
  • 35yrs watching my cohort turn into yuppies, their narcissistic passive-aggression + neo-con malevolence … truly a sad picture. #
  • @MarkZabala If folk actually cared then they would actually do that. Folk aren’t stupid, bro’ … imcompetence = corruption. #
  • “Leaders know it’s risky to tell people they can’t have both lower taxes and greater entitlements”. ‘Course … personality politics. BS #
  • Now there’s 100 pages of “My Tweets don’t appear in search results” at > < #TwitterFail #
  • *scratches head* I mashed up Loic’s announcement of Desktop on Web with some fine electronica and the response was, no kidding, “LOL”. #
  • @loic – used tunez w/presentation. I did that for you = no response. Like Blue theme for Twhirl. Social? No. #
  • Does “Arundhati Roy” ring bells? = < … she’s a wonder. #democracy #CivilSociety #
  • @jazzychad Congrats! Now, the big Q: are you breaking even at 40hrs or less? I was a work.from.home slave for a while. (no Follow/no DM) #
  • RT @TIME: Eating well on $50 a week. They’re doing it – could you? | > < (I recall $10/week … inflation?) #
  • “Time lag of different media sites on reporting a story” > < via | < #

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