BenTrem tweeted on 2009-07-03

  • In chat with Kobutsu, he pointed me to this: “The US Constitution Permits Prison Slavery and Involuntary Servitude” < #
  • Now 93 pages of “my tweets aren’t indexed for search” > < #TwitterFail … won’t fix? #
  • I happened to make the acquaintance of Sam Cockrell this weekend; check out his bass solo video > < #
  • RT @mparent77772: Rolling Stone Roils Goldman Sachs “Dirty Business” – Firm Fires Back ‘Conspiracy Theory’ Dismissal < #
  • “The New York Stock Exchange will be decommissioning the Daily Program Trading Report” > < #Obama #Paulsen #
  • Charles Kesler discusses his claim that President Obama plans to advance a “liberal agenda > < ForaTV #
  • “My Homeland” sung by Sonam Choedon > < (YouTube) Tibet … what’s not to love?! #
  • “Rapport service is a lightweight browser security plug-in & cloud-based analysis/reporting service” > < #malware #
  • Dear Iranian Regime – You think you can exist outside of time? You think you can exist outside the world? NKorea is sick; you are insane. #

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