BenTrem tweeted on 2009-06-28

  • I <3 CBC radio Sunday AM: 1st Jeff Jarvis on half-baked posts and now Andrew Keen on gift economy (on which point I agree with him complete) #
  • @mlsif – “journalist Ira Basen is back w/2nd in his series News 2.0; Future of News in an Age of Social Media.” > < #
  • @cshirky ++good – “… defensive cult members who dont like to explain ourselves to outsiders” > < #CotA #
  • @cshirky – … Persian ALPHA is in the drop-down menu. Sometimes if works pretty well; most times not. ;) #
  • @cshirky – “tool use is all cultural?” IMNSHO “structuration”; subjective aspects of user case condition the process … ehr sumthin’. #

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